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Bitcoin NYS
Bitcoin NYS
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Irondequoit Beer Company

765 Titus Ave · Rochester, NY

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Look for the Bitcoin sign on the table (likely upstairs)

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=== Bitcoin, Meetup & Networking Event ===

Come to learn about Bitcoin, Blockchain, and cryptocurrencies --
Be a part of the fastest growing Bitcoin community in NYS! This meetup is for everyone, including beginners AND experienced users, of Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency using blockchain technology). Learn More!

This meetup is designed to detail the exact components of Bitcoin, and what "Blockchain Technology" is, as well as immediate action steps (if you wanted to secure your own Bitcoin-currency), +fun networking with other people! Join us!

Be Prepared for Success ~ Register for this Meetup, today! It's time to learn about Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency Revolution.

=== Learn about Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology ===

Blockchain technology (and Bitcoin) is the most revolutionary invention since the Internet itself! With Bitcoin (& blockchain technology) "anyone in the world" can send money directly to "anyone in the world", via a "Trusted AND Decentralized" protocol (using math & cryptography), without the need to use any [costly or controlling] third party institutions (such as Banks, or western Union, or PayPal).

Knowing about Bitcoin is important since (like the Internet & Email did in the 1990's) Blockchain technology will drastically change our lives. Your success is dependent on having good information, and connecting with a great community!

In the coming years, the "blockchain technology", (behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin), will inevitably and radically change the role of everything in our lives -- including the role of traditional banking, in the United States of America and across the world.

Note: There will never be more than "21 Million Bitcoins" minted, ever ~ Everyone can't have "more than one" Bitcoin.

=== Meetup Agenda ===

In this meetup we will:

• (1) Review what is "Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology", including our special event topic for the day.

• (2) Detail the exact components of our event topic, and what it takes for "anyone in the world" to participate in this new industry, without the traditional delays or fees of third-party financial institutions.

• (3) Get Immediate Action Steps to acquire, hold & secure Bitcoin, independently of any third-party or institution
(...if or when you wanted to do this, for educational purposes).

• (4) Plus, Fun Networking and Meeting with other people!

=== Important Questions for Your Success ===

• (1) Are you aware that "how much a family can buy" with $100 is less and less every year, due to inflation that reduces the value of your USD?

• (2) Do you know inflation occurs when additional/new U.S. dollars are printed by the Federal Reserve Bank and added to the economy?

• (3) Did you know: there'll never be more than "21 Million Bitcoins (BTC)", ever created?

• (4) Are you aware that (while anyone can hold Bitcoins), there is no company that controls Bitcoin, there is no single Bitcoin server to attack?

=== Your Organizer ===

Hello! My name is Gary Palmer Jr., and I’m your Organizer!

I am an entrepreneur and small business owner. I help people understand technology, and I help organizations to Get Found & Get Clients, online.

I'm also a technology coach, and a business & marketing speaker. I talk on topics that entrepreneurs and business owners are interested in, such as revenue generation systems, website success systems, & digital privacy.

Get Educated, be Enlightened & Inspired!