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Crypto Coffee Club℠ (For Business Owners & Professionals) RE: Bitcoin
=== A Meeting & Networking Event === • Are you a local "business owner", "executive" or "professional"? • Do you want to network with the "Bitcoin & Blockchain" industry? • Are "early mornings" a better time for you to connect, before work? ...THEN: This "Crypto Coffee Club℠" is perfect for you! We are "crypto minded" business leaders, and we are excited about the future of "Bitcoin & the Blockchain" industry -- We think Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology will revolutionize every sector of business, which will effect us locally, and across the world. In these early stages of the Blockchain Industry, Rochester and New York State have the opportunity to "get a head of the curve", and be part of the "early wave of adopters", at the enterprise, local business, AND consumer levels. Let's discuss how these world opportunities meet local opportunities; and how we can work together to keep Rochester,NY an amazing place for business and technology progress. === Meetup Agenda === In this meetup we will: • (1) Get coffee. • (2) Meet & Network with other people. • (3) Talk about the Bitcoin Business, and Blockchain Technology, ...including the latest bitcoin news and crypto alerts. === About us === Come to learn about Bitcoin, Blockchain, and cryptocurrencies -- Be a part of the fastest growing Bitcoin community in NYS! Join us! This meetup is for Business Owners, Executives & Professionals, including those just getting started. This meetup is designed to bring local professional together, to chat about Bitcoin, and to have great networking with other people! Knowing about Bitcoin is important since (like the Internet & Email did in the 1990's) Blockchain technology will drastically change our lives. Your success is dependent on having good information, and connecting with a great community! Be Prepared for Success ~ Register for this Meetup, today! It's time to learn about Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency Revolution with local business leaders. === Learn about Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology === Bitcoin is a "decentralized" cross-border "peer-to-peer" currency, yet, it is also so much more! Bitcoin has proven to be the best performing currency in the last 5 years, and the applications are limitless and profound. (Bitcoin is the first of many new decentralized-digital-assets, which use "blockchain technology".) With Bitcoin (& blockchain technology) "anyone in the world" can send money directly to "anyone in the world", via a "Trusted AND Decentralized" protocol (using math & cryptography), without the need to use any [costly or controlling] third party institutions (such as Banks, or western Union, or PayPal). In the coming years, the "blockchain technology", (behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin), will inevitably and radically change the role of everything in our lives -- including the role of traditional banking, in the United States of America and across the world. Note: There will never be more than "21 Million Bitcoins" minted, ever ~ Everyone can't have "more than one" Bitcoin. === Your Organizer === Hello! My name is Gary Palmer Jr., and I’m your Organizer! I am an entrepreneur and small business owner. I help people understand technology, and I help them to Get Found & Get Clients online. I'm also a technology coach, and a business & marketing speaker. I talk on topics that entrepreneurs and business owners are interested in, to grow their Website, increase their visibility, and their clients. Get Educated, be Enlightened & Inspired! ➨ Bitcoin Classes, Workshops and Events:

Fifth Frame Brewing (& Coffee)

155 Saint Paul St. · Rochester, ny

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Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, which doesn't require a third party for any two people in the world to transact. There is no "Bitcoin server" to take down, or "Bitcoin company" to sue ~ Bitcoin & Blockchain technology is the greatest invention ever created for mankind.

Just like no one knows how TCP-IP makes the Internet work for your iPhone or TV, in ten years, billions of people could be "on the Blockchain" -- Connected to every other person in the world, and able to send direct transactions, without the limits of time, cost, or boarders.

Right now, everyone in the world has the ability to "hold their own wealth" and you can "actually be your own bank" ~ Now is the time to learn about Bitcoin, and Blockchain technology. Join us!

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