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What we’re about

This is not a meetup, but a actual class. Bring a notebook, and or computer. If you haven’t read or heard about Bitcoin you must be living under a pet rock.. But seriously, you are living in the largest transfer of wealth in our life time. 😳

If your worried about where and how to get into investing . This class is for you. I️ recommend everyone to have some bitcoin added to their investment portfolio. 😎

This is a intro to Bitcoin class. How to buy, how to sell, why is Bitcoin over $11,000?, 🤔and any other questions you may have will be answered in person in class. Do I️ need $11,000 to invest in Bitcoin?
ANSWER: Nope. You can invest alittle as a few dollars if you want. For example, if you invest $10. If the price of Bitcoin goes up 20%, your $10 goes up 20%. 🙂 I️ teach the class with power point, and give LIVE buying and selling examples. I️ will also tell you what coins are getting the most headlines such as, IOTA working with computer giant Microsoft. The Price as I️ write this is $4.72 per coin. Up over +100% in last few days. Crazy. It’s literally crazy. 😵😵🤑🤑

Topics include:
-How to buy
-How to sell
-What is Block chain technology
-Future of businesses
-How to keep your Bitcoins safe
From hackers
-What are trading exchanges
-How to avoid scams
-Trading strategies
-Learn about Automated Trading bots
-What to expect in the future

 If interested in learning more and why everyone is talking about it. This is a the class for you. I️ literally can’t say this enough. I BELIEVE YOU ARE WITNESSING THE LARGEST TRANSFER OF WEALTH IN YOUR LIFE TIME (Please re-read that), YES THIS IS A BUBBLE, YES IT WILL POP, YES IT WILL GO BACK UP. I️ am not a bitcoin fanatic, but I️ do understand the underlying technology and it’s impact on the world. This is why you need to invest and need to educate yourself. You can spend hours and hours watching reading and watching YouTube videos for free. I highly suggest that, and I do the same thing, BUT this class is a crash course on how to actual do everything you need to know. 

If you could save weeks or months of research of your time for $499 would you? Do you think you might get crypto at a lower price sooner than later before the rest of the population gets involved?

"The best investment you will ever make is in yourself" - Warren Buffett