What we're about

Whether a seasoned Bitcoiner or just curious about the buzz. Consider yourself on the leading edge of a game changing technological innovation and commercial opportunities. Join us as together we:
Grow the Bitcoin/Crypto/Cryptoassets/Blockchain community in our area.

> • Signup and support local merchants

> • Promote merchants already accepting Crypto

> • Educate consumers on benefits

• At the tail end of each meeting we formally pitch related idea(s)
• Prospective investor/co-founders and collaborators will shark tank the venture
• Standard NDA's and Non competes will be supplied as needed for those participating
• Interact with the greater Bitcoin community via virtual meetups and conferences, etc..
Openly discuss:
• The latest sites, tools, apps and tech
• Industry trends
• Legislation & Regulation
• Security threats
• Risks
• Opportunities
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Security and Self Custody

Rif Fort Village

How do you increase your online security to be able to participate in the digital society?

A new evolution of the Web that enables decentralized apps and protocols.

Curaçao's largest & longest running Crypto/Blockchain meetup group.

We focus on education & development in this emerging industry.

We're a broad group of technology enthusiasts, developers, entrepreneurs, investors, financial gurus, ideologues, who have heard about this "blockchain" and wanted to find others who have too in a friendly environment.

Coming to this meetup is a great way to connect & learn more about this new, exciting technology through an open, friendly community. You can expect to learn more about how it works and what it could mean for your business, organization, or personal finances.

Education site: http://btccuracao.com/

Brainstorming on getting Bitcoin to be accepted everywhere on Curaçao
Alternatives opportunities for Curaçao

Thanks to Curaçao Innovation & Technology Institute (https://citi.cw/) for hosting the location.


Thanks to Sincerecloud (https://sincere.cw/) for hosting a Curaçao community Bitcoin/Lightning Node.

Hope you can make it.


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Decentralizing Market Making

The Triangle