Bitcoin Sheffield: Private Keys & Addresses

Bitcoin Sheffield
Bitcoin Sheffield
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Sheffield Technology Parks

Arundel Street · Sheffield

How to find us

The building is easy enough to find. There will be a sign on the door for "Bitcoin Sheffield". Push the buzzer and wait for reception to let you in. Step-free access is available, send a message to arrange.

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This will be a technical talk explaining how private keys and addresses work in Bitcoin. You know, the things you use to send and receive bitcoins from your wallet.

It will give you the answers to questions like:

* What is a private key, public key, and address?
* Where do they come from?
* Can you generate the same address as someone else?
* What are digital signatures and how do they work?
* What can I do if I lose my private keys?

This is going to be one of the most technical talks so far, but it's full of cool diagrams and simplified explanations, so don't be afraid to come along even if you think you're a beginner.

However, I should mention that this talk isn't going to be terribly useful if you're just looking for advice on getting started with bitcoin (e.g. buying and storage). I'm planning on doing an introductory talk on "Bitcoin Basics" in January instead. This one is another deep-dive in to the inner-workings of the technology, so that you can have a better understanding of what exactly is going on with your money.

Anyway, I'll see you there.



Rough Timings:

18:00 - Doors Open
18:30 - Talk Start <- you probably want to aim for this time
20:00 - Pub (most likely Rutland Arms just down the road)


* There is no free beer or pizza at this event.
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About me:

My name is Greg, and I've been working on Bitcoin projects for the last 5 years. I think Bitcoin is an incredibly interesting technology, and I like trying to explain how it works. Twitter: