CoinFest 2017

Bitcoin Vancouver
Bitcoin Vancouver
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Downtown Vancouver

DCTRL & the Tribe · Vancouver, BC

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Read the schedule below to find us. No ticket required!


The crypto gods have blessed us with Bitcoin prices at all-time highs, and CoinFest ( has returned once again to celebrate! Lovers of alternative finance, blockchain technology and decentralization are all welcome, as well as curious newcomers who want to learn more while winning cool prizes.

For those who are unaware, CoinFest is the first and only decentralized autonomous cryptocurrency convention, with all funding held in a multi-signature address (as Satoshi intended). It is distributed to organizers around the world, who host free-to-attend events from April 3 to April 9 at event venues that accept alternative currency.

Last year, CoinFest Vancouver took a bit of a break, but now the organizer has returned! Thanks to our sponsors at ( and QuadrigaCX (, as well as our partners at The Art Party (, we have a lot of cool activities planned for CoinFest 2017.

The festivities will begin on April 7 at 10 AM at DCTRL, 436 West Pender, a hack space dedicated to decentralization ( It will be 6 PM in the UK (, where the largest CoinFest event will be held, and we're going to connect with them via the International Hangout. It serves to link CoinFest events around the world, and we may connect to other cities throughout the afternoon/evening.

We'll also have some cool demonstrations. You can expect the usual such as some old mining hardware, as well as new things like a virtual reality-based Bitcoin block explorer. Additionally, there will be a server in the UK hosting online games for Bitcoin prizes, as well as some blockchain-based video games to try out.

Doors will open the next day at 1 PM at the Tribe, 68 Water Street #401, with activities beginning shortly thereafter. They are a mainstream tech start-up incubator ( that only recently began accepting Bitcoin, and the focus of the day will be crowdfunding. We'll show them how it's done in the cryptocurrency world with some presentations and a workshop, wrapping things up around 7 PM.

Presentations will start again at DCTRL at 7:30 PM. After giving away some more prizes, founding members of DCTRL and also the Bitcoin Co-op ( will talk about decentralization and Bitcoin. When they're done, all remaining Bitcoin beer will be destroyed (in our stomachs), and we shall party the night away.