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We are a Collaborative Community inspired by the ideas behind Bitcoin, Decentralization, and the Open Source movement.

This is a meetup where forward thinking people can hangout with like-minded individuals. We believe Cryptocurrency will fund the Open Source movement and create economically sustainable systems for communities globally and locally.

This is a shared meetup, if you are interested in hosting an event please message the organizers. For more info on our space visit dctrl.ca (http://www.dctrl.ca)

You can join our Slack Chat to talk about decentralization, blockchain, and stuff that happens in the space here (https://dctrlvan.slack.com/shared_invite/MTcxOTM3NTYwNzU5LTE0OTI1NjIyOTQtNjI1ZDhlNDk2Yg)

Upcoming events (5+)

Blockchain Gaming: Q&A with Volition CCG

DCTRL Vancouver

It's time once again for the monthly Blockchain Gaming Meetup, a series of events hosted by www.blockchaingaming.com, the first website dedicated to blockchain-based video games. Attention to this sub-industry has soared since the involved of mainstream developers and consoles, and we're going to cover every blockchain game one by one and livestream it to our YouTube channel. We took a hiatus in April to focus on the Blockchain Gaming Expo at CoinFest Vancouver. Now that the dust has settled, things are back to normal, and another guest from another new game development company is coming to visit us. Patrick Meehan is a self-professed cryptocurrency skeptic and ICO detractor. Nonetheless, he is also the CEO of Volition CCG (www.volitionccg.com), a game utilizing blockchain technology to secure ownership of hybrid physical/digital collectable cards. He's gonna tell us all about it while we enjoy a few Bitcoin beers; feel free to stay and play on our new pool table afterwards.

Meshnet Monday


Let's build a meshnet! I'll kick things off with an update about my work on the Althea project https://althea.org/ and ongoing efforts to create a community owned and operated network in Vancouver. I'm interested in getting people with line-of-sight to each other connected up around the city using affordable, high speed, point to point wireless antennas. We've recently put one on the rooftop of Dctrl as a starting point for people to begin connecting to. If you know anyone who lives downtown who can see the 436 West Pender rooftop, invite them out or put them in touch with me and I'll explain how it will all work. If we get enough people involved, we may be able to cover the cost of a dedicated backhaul connection that we could share and re-sell without violating the terms of service of anyone's residential Internet plans. In the meantime, there's lots of ground work we can get started with to get people connected and trained up on how to install and operate the antennas, routers, and software. So, bring your ideas, your enthusiasm, your equipment if you have any, and let's figure this out together! No experience required. Newcomers are welcome, we'll cover things as we go along. Can't make it out in person? Join the conversation online at https://discordapp.com/channels/477147257251299350/477147569646993409

How to Start a (successful) Startup


Ever thought about starting your own startup? Perhaps you have a billion-dollar tech idea & just need some tips & guidance? Or maybe you’ve already closed your seed round or Series A funding & are looking to scale to the next level? What exactly is a “startup” anyways, & what makes a company a “startup”? In this first of a series of interactive lectures, Byron Ma, CEO & Founder of Byzantine Labs (http://byzantinelabs.strikingly.com/ ), will be going over the basics of how to start: from idea, to product creation, to getting your first customer, to pitching & fundraising, & how to think about scaling. If you are startup founder looking to grow, or simply someone who’s interested in taking the leap & starting your own company, come by, meet, & learn from fellow like-minded, & ambitious individuals. We will have a special section for blockchain startups as well, but all founders are welcome & encouraged to attend. Byzantine Labs is a blockchain-focused startup foundry, currently working on launching SmartTix, a startup looking to disrupt the ticketing industry. We are a group of technologists, scientists, tinkerers, inventors, & entrepreneurs looking to leverage the enormous potential of blockchain technology for the greater good. Mr. Ma has almost a decade of global experience scaling startups to over 1 million + MAUs (Monthly Active Users) in both North American & Asian markets, most recently in Shanghai, China. He is an entrepreneurship advocate & proud Vancouverite, & hopes to continue to build, foster, & grow the startup ecosystem in this beautiful city.

Let's Talk Decentralization

the LED Sidewalk

Since the dawn of civilization we've organized ourselves through top down, centralized institutions. A centralized world is all we've ever known. Now there's a radically new way of organizing that has the potential to create a more egalitarian, efficient, transparent societies that are less prone to the corruption and coercion present in centralized models of organizing. The underlying invention of Bitcoin (Decentralized Consensus) along with the Internet, 3D printers, Autonomous Vehicles and Solar energy makes up the unstoppable Megatrend of Decentralization which has the potential to shift our society into a decentralized collaborative commons. Come on by to learn more! No technical knowledge required. Let's talk Decentralization!

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