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What we’re about

Welcome to BitDevs Amsterdam!

BitDevs Amsterdam is a community of people interested in discussing technical Bitcoin developments. Our community is modeled after BitDevs New York and similar initiatives around the world.

As with other BitDevs communities, our primary events are Socratic Seminars. These are open and community-driven discussion sessions about the latest technical developments in Bitcoin.

Please also have a look at our website ( and follow us on Twitter (

Who can attend our Socratic Seminars?

Everyone is welcome to attend our Socratic Seminars. Importantly, however, only technically advanced topics will be discussed.

How much do the Socratic Seminars cost?

These events are hosted for free. However, we do strongly appreciate donations. You can support us with lightning using the following address:

Donations are utilized exclusively for covering the costs of our events.

Do you need to register?

Yes. Due to limited space, you will need to RSVP to any particular seminar via the Meetup event page.

When? Where?

We aim to hold these Socratic Seminars every two months, typically on Thursday evenings. Please sign up on the meetup page to receive notifications of newly scheduled seminars. We will also announce new seminars on Twitter (

What will we discuss?

The agenda for each Socratic Seminar will be published at least a few days ahead of the event on our website (

The agenda is only a loose guide for the discussion. Participants in the seminar will also have the opportunity to raise relevant topics that were not included in the agenda. As long as the topics are sufficiently technical in nature and relevant enough to Bitcoin, we can discuss them in the seminar.

Chatham House Rules

The discussion style for our Socratic Seminars is an open one, and all participants should feel free to communicate their thoughts and ideas.

That’s why we attach the utmost importance to abiding by Chatham House rules. This means that you are free to use any of the information received in a seminar, but not to reveal the identity or affiliation of anyone that was present. In this spirit, there is also a strict no photo and no video policy for each seminar.