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bitgrit is a platform connecting data scientists, data providers, and corporations involved with AI technology.

Our platform is composed of two elements: a data scientist community platform, together with a global marketplace that allows companies to access AI technology created by our data scientist community. Blockchain technology powers these services, allowing us to quantify and democratize the value of artificial intelligence in a transparent way. Through these resources, we strive to realize an AI marketplace functioning as a decentralized “Cloud Brain."

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Self Driving Car (Workshop 2/3) - Build end to end autonomous car with AI & IoT

bitgrit is partnering with IOT-NCR for series of THREE workshops covering building a self-driving car. We will cover step by step where the audience would learn the object detection via camera using video analytics, proximity sensors/tech to identify obstacles and last one connecting all the dots and assembling all the components to integrate it with cloud and edge and the software platform called ThingiFy. Note: All hardware will be provided, participant only bring laptop and required software (which will be sent with confirmation emails) REGISTER HERE: https://forms.gle/C5HWQ23BoptqZ6ta7 Agenda Workshop 1 (June 8) - Building the base (Ansal University): 1. Assemble the car chassis 2. Control the car using motor driver 3. Add ultrasonic sensor for object detection 4. Compute object distance from the moving car and take decisions 5. Interface Pi Camera with Raspberry Pi 6. Run the car on track and realtime streaming for Pi Camera 7. Building the base for Tensorflow model for ML based car control Workshop 2 (June 22) - Implement TensorFlow Lite model in Rasp Pi: 8. Train "object detection" model for sign board detection 9. Train "track detection" model for automated steering of the car 10. Build TFLite model to embed on Raspberry Pi 11. Building the base for Edge Computing with Raspberry Pi Workshop 3 (July 6) - Final fine tuning: 12. Understanding edge computing 13. Run assembled car with Raspberry Pi and TFlite mode on track 14. Understanding edge to edge communication 15. Make cars talk to each other and make decisions locally 16. Taking decisions locally and advanced features like panic state, abiding rules etc. 17. Run the final assembled car with Ultrasonic, Tensorflow model and edge computing 18. Walkthrough of the whole architecture Speaker Profile: Rishi Gargi is a serial entrepreneur having founded Thingify (an angel funded AI & IoT product startup) & is one of the co-founder of IoT-NCR (world's 4th largest open IoT community). He is an expert data scientist with a patent pending while he pursues Business Analytics from ISB, Hyderabad. Rishi has worked with IBM & Bharti Airtel, where he was leading development for IoT. Also, he was a finalist of IBM TGMC 2012. Sumit Jain - Expert mobile app developer and IoT expert Sumit Jain is a software engineer and currently working with Publicis Sapient as a mobile expert. He has experience working in digital transformation domain for the likes of McDonalds, Ferrari, Warner Bros. Sumit holds a national award in Mathematics, is a co-founder IoT-NCR, world's 4th largest community with 7000+ members and hobbyist in teaching core mathematics, physics, and IoT. Vikrant is a electrical and electronics engineering student and is currently working with Lenovo as IoT Market research intern. He is a geek with keen interest in IoT and embedded domain as well have strong exposure to product development, market research, hardware research among many others. Vikrant mentor students in School mentor programs and speaks at tech talks, events, etc. REGISTER HERE: https://forms.gle/C5HWQ23BoptqZ6ta7

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