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Bitraf opened on March 1st 2012, and is Norway's largest hackerspace and makerspace. We cover a wide range of creative activities: electronics, wood- and metalwork, 3D printing, laser cutting, sewing, molding/casting, costume making and a whole lot of other things. More information at http://bitraf.no

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Learn to use Bitraf's table saw

Brenneriveien 9

This course is necessary for everyone who wants access to the table saw at Bitraf - whether a beginner or experienced user - to establish baseline knowledge & standards that everyone can expect of each other.

This safety course is for paying Bitraf members only. It's a free course, but if you rsvp 'yes' and don't actually show up, you'll be deducted 300kr kroner extra, as an extra compensation to the course organiser.

Dette sikkerhetskurset er kun for betalende Bitraf-medlemmer. Det er et gratis kurs, men hvis du rsvp 'ja' og faktisk ikke dukker opp, blir du trukket 300kr ekstra, som en ekstra kompensasjon til kursarrangøren.


The intention of the course is to develop safe working practices for the safety of you, others at Bitraf, and the machine. This is required knowledge that must put into use every time you use the table saw to be safe and excellent to each other.

It is a requirement to use the dust mask with other safety equipment in the Carpenters Workshop.

YOU are responsible for yourself, Bitraf has no liability if you are injured.

3 people per course
The course needs 3 attendees minimum to go ahead as scheduled (excluding course holder).

It is a 5-part course with a small break, taking up to 4 hours approx.

This course is in English only

Things to have ready for course:

- Dust Mask (available in Bitmart for 35kr)
- Eye and Hearing protection (Bitraf will provide if you don't have)
- A mind of giving what you have - time, an open mind, an attitude of learning/sharing

Upon completion of course you will have table saw access via the p2k16 ‘TOOLS’ system. This enables use of the machine to be logged.

Sign up to the waitlist only if you're prepared to check the event daily to see if a place has become available, and have the possibility to turn up at short notice if somebody drops out.

Thank you for your time and future attention.

LifeRaf science board games

Location visible to members


— science board games

saturday and sunday nights, when the soundings from Blå is at peak level (23-03), we will bring our earbuds for noise cancellation and ready fingers and face for gestures, pen and paper … we will sit down and play hard, at board games

crosscheck, references, verify,
and more importantly, enjoy

these games might be useful you know

I have curated a selection of games, in need of further curing

come along, have fun


Brenneriveien 9

Elektronikk er kjempegøy, men mange tror at det å lodde er vanskelig. Dette kurset lodder vi dekorative juletrær mens du lærer deg teknikken. Hvis du har en egen loddebolt kan du ta med den. Om du ikke har en selv, så har Bitraf loddebolter du kan låne - både enkle og veldig avanserte.

Det ene juletre-settet kan stå for seg selv og kjøre på batteri eller via USB. Det andre er et Arduino-shield, slik at du kan programmere juletreet selv. Settene koster 60 kroner og du kan selv velge hvilken du vil gjøre. (Og om du vil lodde et helt annet sett, så er det helt greit det også!)

Bitraf stand at NDC Oslo Spektrum

Oslo Spektrum

Bitraf will attend the NDC Conference in Oslo Spektrum with a stand 1.-3. desember to show what we do and we need your help. So if you have some spare time and want to help out at the stand or moving stuff before and after the event it would be great! We will bring a lot of cool projects made at bitraf. For more info, you can reach me at bitraf slack. Get your invite link at https://bitraf.no/slack-invite/

These are what we need help with:
30. November kl 18.00 (moving projects to the stand)
1. December kl[masked] (Manning the stand)
2. December:[masked] (Manning the stand)
3. December kl[masked] (Manning the stand)
3. December kl 17.30 (moving projects back to Bitraf)

Feel free to come by for a chat if you attend the conference! :D

What is NDC?
NDC Oslo is a 5 day event with 2 days of pre-conference workshops and 3 days of conference sessions. Even though the majority of NDC’s delegates have a .NET background, NDC is no longer solely focusing on .NET and Agile, but all technologies that are interesting for developers, including Embedded Systems.

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LifeRaf science board games

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