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Bioraf: Sequence Alignment Workshop

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Heikki S.


Sequence Alignment is a fancy word for comparing DNA, RNA or Protein sequences by similarity. For example; having a known sequence for a gene allows us to identify other genes that are related. Or knowing the protein sequence, identifying the genes that could create it.
Or, having a collection of genes from different species, what specie does each belong to and how are the different species related.

All above are examples of the use of sequence alignment software. All the tools for sequence alignment are available online as well as huge databases of known sequences of DNA/RNA and Proteins. We will introduce you to the basics you need to understand what sequence alignment is, how to use the most common alignment tool called BLAST, it's different incarnations as well as the most common online databases and web services you need to know.

Bring laptop with a web-browser, no other tools needed.

PS. Starts at kl 19, not kl 18 to avoid colliding with the laser cutter safety course.
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