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Internet of Things hackathon

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Jon N.


Internet of Things (IoT) are systems where many "things" (sensors,machines,lights,etc.) are exposed on the network and connected together into "smart systems". It can be used to solve practical problems, collect data for research or just for the fun of it.

In this hackathon we will get together to extend and improve the IoT system at Bitraf. Our focus will be on things for the space itself, but you are welcome to work on whatever you want!
It is a multi-disciplinary topic, we will be working on programming, electronics, fabrication, design and more.

The existing IoT setup at Bitraf uses the MQTT protocol for communication, MsgFlo for gluing things together, and OpenHAB to provide dashboards.
The electronic door system that Bitraf members use to access the space 24/7 is powered by this.

If you want to participate, you should bring your own laptop.
We got a bunch of microcontrollers (NodeMCU/ESP8266), sensors and actuators that we can use. But if you have other things that you want to wire up to MQTT, bring them along.

WANTED: 1 old Android/iOS tablet that can be our status display, preferably one that can be donated to Bitraf permanently.

Do you have any ideas for things to build? Feel free to brainstorm in the comments!
Pløens gate 4 · Oslo
How to find us

Ring the door that says Bitraf

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