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Bitraf BOSCH GTS10XC Table Saw Safety Course

The safety course for our Bosch GTS10XC table saw. An attitude of learning and a dust mask is all that is required. If you don't have, you can buy both in Bitmart from 35kr. It is a requirement to use the dust mask with other safety equipment in the Carpenters Workshop. This course is necessary for everyone who wants access to the table saw at Bitraf, whether a beginner or experienced user.

4 people per course

Approx 4hrs course time

You must be a paying member to participate in this course.

The intention of the course is to develop safe working practices for the safety of you, others at Bitraf, and the machine. This knowledge you absolutely must know and put into use every time you use the table saw to instil confidence and be excellent to each other.

This course in is English only, possible in Norwegian soon!

Things to have ready for course:

- Dust Mask
- Eye and Hearing protection. Bitraf will otherwise provide if you do not have your own
- A mind of giving what you have - time and an open mind

It is a 5-part course with a small break, taking up to 4 hours.

Upon completion of course you will be added to the p2k16 ‘circle’ for table saw access. The p2k16 ‘BITS’ system means use of the machine is logged. We want to be excellent in a culture of responsibility and contribute to unorthodox behaviours. Don’t be on fire!

YOU are responsible for yourself, Bitraf has no liability if you are injured.

The course needs 3 attendees to go ahead as scheduled (excluding me!)

It is great to have capable table saw users connect with unexperienced Bitraf members to join them on the course!

Thank you for your time and future attention.