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What we’re about

New to Dallas and want to make new friends? Tired or being in the house every weekend? Well here’s a group for you. This group is dedicated to 21-40 y/o BLACK females who want to meet up and hang out. We will host several events throughout the month and feel free to join. MUST BE 21 TO JOIN.

*** This is a safe place for BLACK women to connect and relate.

1. Any harassment or hateful conduct, including discrimination, hate speech, ageism, bullying, or targeted attacks will not be tolerated. You will be removed from the group, first offense.

2. No sexual content or nudity will be shared within the community. No extreme violence, graphic violence, threats, gore, or obscenities.

3. Attend events at your discretion. If you can no longer attend events please edit your rsvp. If you no show without any discussion with organizer twice you will be removed from the group.

4. Do not share personal information through Meet Up. If you and another member want to connect please do it privately for your protection.

5. Events are not mandatory, but please try to at-least attend one a event a month. You get out of this group what you put in.