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This groups is for both aspiring new and veteran real estate investors. Those wanting to find out more about how it works, or to trade leads, learn new trends and tools, and find opportunities to invest should all join.

We'll get together, learn, network, and make more money together.

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20 Techniques for Unleashing Your Full Potential

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Ready to kick mediocre to the curb, and reach your ultimate potential? If you know there is more to life, more that you were meant for, then this is for you… FULL POTENTIAL This powerful online event will unleash your potential, and equip you to slash your way through to your ultimate goals and capabilities, and give you the tools to keep it, and consistently stay in your peak performance zone. It’s for you, whether you seek to maximize your potential in any of these areas: ● Financial fitness ● Starting a business ● Growing a company ● Relationships ● Freedom ● Investing in real estate ● Retirement ● Creating a legacy We’ve never before done an online event like this. In just one hour you’ll get exclusive access to some of the powerful information and expertise Sensei Gilliland uses for building highly profitable businesses around the country, and has used to coach thousands of investors to success, and living their full potential. Specifically, we’ll cover: ● The 6 Keys to Success ● 20 Questions to Unleash Your Full Potential ● 3 Power Resources to Get You to the Next Level Everything you want most is on the other side of this game changing webinar. LIMITED ACCESS Register & Save Your Spot Now Thursday Oct 29th @ 11 AM PDT Click Here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_k-mYEW7-Rg2osoSCPOAAjw

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Mastering the Real Estate Markets

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