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What we’re about

Bleeding Edge Web is a meetup for the discerning web developer. Find out more at

Our format goes beyond the typical single-framework/language meetup:

News From the Bleeding Edge
Things are changing and new things are emerging in web tech at such a rapid pace that it's almost impossible to keep up. We'll begin each meetup with a recap of the most interesting news each month related to JavaScript tools and frameworks, browsers, HTML5, mobile, web architecture and anything else that modern web developers would want to know about. You won't want to miss this!

Topic of the Month
We want each meetup to focus on one or two specific areas of web technology and dive into them deeply enough to be really informative.  There are so many tools, libraries and frameworks out there that no one has time to evaluate everything. Just a few examples of things we might cover, in no particular order: React, Node, Vue, ES2017/18/19+, webpack, web performance, W3C standards, etc.  Basically, you don't have time to attend every topic-specific meetup in the world, so we'll bring the most interesting topics to our meetup!

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