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In this group, we will share knowledge about blockchain and smart contract development.
We will talk about Ethereum, Aeternity, Polkadot, NEO, EOS, RSK, Hyperledger and other platforms for developing decentralized applications.

Also, we will discuss decentralized networks cryptography and consensus algorithms, pros and cons and best development practices.

Our meetups will be both online and onsite, so that we can engage with more people interested in the topics.

Everyone is welcome to present and talk on a blockchain development topic of his choice. You could send your requests and get more info at events@hack.bg

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0x0d. Accepting Bitcoin Payments - The Right Way

Networking: Premium Co Working Spaces

Accepting Bitcoin Payments - The Right Way We are pleased to have Rali Ralev from Weidex as a guest speaker for a practical and insightful talk on accepting payments in Bitcoin. Should we use a full node? Should we use just an SPV node? Where to store the private key? Can xPubs help me? How to deal with the gap limit? Rali will try to answer these and many more questions. Handling bitcoin payments could be tricky. There are numerous reports about websites, mostly cryptocurrency exchanges, that suffered from some kind of security issues related to the way they store and distribute the funds. The result is billions of dollars lost or stolen, lower user trust and a bad reputation for the whole ecosystem. Existing third-party services offer easy integration but a downside is various limitations like a limited number of receiving addresses and lack of control over your assets. Furthermore, it could be expensive at some point. This approach could work in a few cases but for sure it will not be suitable in large scale applications. On the other side, you can take control in your hands. But here comes the hard decision. Save the date! Limited seating in the room. Make sure to announce your presence so we can arrange a seat for you.

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0x0c. whoami && man myproject [Blockchain Developers Meetup Birthday]

Networking: Premium Co Working Spaces

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