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BLOCKCHAIN360 is aimed at helping people to build and accumulate their wealth by using many different Investment, Fintech and Business opportunities. We will continue to host seminars, workshop and talks to help boost our members' Financial Intelligence to attain Financial Freedom!

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WEBINAR. 10+% per mth or 100% ROI in 6-9 months for FPGA. Transparent and Legit!

This is a FREE Zoom Webinar for FUTURE OF MONEY 1.0. It starts at 8:00pm sharp, KL time or 7:00pm Jakarta time. The Dunamis Tech Global, HCSMS (High Capacity Secure Mining Service) has just launched. This is a Safe, Transparent and Legit with a Registered co-location company in Tuscon, Arizona. The technology is from Samsung but manufactured by Dunamis sub-con. The projection yield for the 2 different types of Mining are,... FPGA miners : 100% Capital returns in 6-9 months. (i.e. more than 10% monthly) ASIC Miners : 100% Capital returns in 1+ year. In this Webinar, we will give a Free Preview Talk on Dunamis Mining, following the Bitcoin and Blockchain Basics. This Exclusive talk (on Zoom) will highlight and discuss the Elementary Understanding of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Dunamis Tech Global. The Agenda of the 2 hours talk covers the following... Bitcoin Basics : Why is Bitcoin Blockchain Disruptive? Bitcoin Adoption : Demand Increasing Blockchain Basics Bitcoin Halving : Supply Decreasing Price Prediction and Bitcoin Market cycle Bitcoin Transfer Demonstration Short Break Dunamis Tech Global Q&A Topic: FUTURE OF MONEY 1.0 with Eugene Yeng https://zoom.us/meeting/register/576db31c0d8ab63b4ac87b605f06faf5 In the link above, You will be required to fill up a short Zoom registration form before automatic approval into the webinar room. In the registration form, for Introducer name, please fill EUGENE YENG. Upon automatic approval, the link to the meeting room will be sent with the Confirmation email. In case you do not recieve the Confirmation email, you can also Join the meeting by first signing up for a Zoom.us account then Join Meeting via your Zoom backoffice account using the Meeting ID :[masked] Disclaimer : Results may vary as Mining yield is dependant on Market Cycles. These will be explained in the Talk. Thank you and see you on Zoom!

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Taman Danau Desa, Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur

MAKE MONEY WITH YOUTUBE MARKETING - 10 Killer Tips to Effective Youtube Marketing! (Note : Date of this meetup session will be determined soon. Please click the RSVP button to indicate that you are interested in attending.) Part 1 : 10 Killer Tips To Effective Youtube Marketing Have you been trying to market your own or affiliate products using Non-Effective Online Marketing and Non-Effective Offline Networking Methods to discover that these conventional methods are Slow, Costly and produce no good results? We have good news to share with you. Try Effective Youtube Marketing! Do you know that when the right Youtube Marketing Techniques are deployed, they can be very Effective in gaining more targeted and responsive prospects and eventually help you sell more of your own or affiliate products. Youtube Marketing is increasing in popularity and conversions as different products are actively sought for by your targeted prospects via Youtube (which is currently the second largest Search Engine). More people are now turning to the visual and engaging Youtube videos to look for what they need since the conventional websites and networking are starting to lose their appeal. (Above is screenshot proof that I made 50+ pages of commissions payout from one of my affiliate marketing opportunities which I marketed through Youtube) However, you need to learn some of these Effective Youtube Marketing Strategies. In this first part of this meetup session, I will share 10 Killer Tips to these Effective youtube Marketing Strategies! 1. Main multiple sources of Income with Youtube Marketing. 2. What affiliate products to sell with Youtube Marketing 3. What Trending keyphrases to target. 4. Understand the Main types of Engaging Youtube Videos 5. How to create engaging Youtube Videos with low cost. 6. Low cost softwares to use for Video Creation and Post-production Editing Videos. 7. Effective click-baiting thumbnail creation techniques 8. Three Right Ways to gain more views Fast! 9. Three Effective Ways to get Top Rankings on Youtube Search 10. Three Sure-Fire Ways to gain Subscribers Fast! Before sharing this 10 Killer Tips, I will first introduce myself and share the successful experiences I have with Youtube Marketing for my online affiliate products PART 2 : Networking Virally Our 3-6 paid guests will take turn to share with everyone, thier own or affiliate products they are selling. This is optional but each of our guest sharing time is limited to 10 mins max. As a FREE promo bonus, we will advertise your product website or affiliate link for free to our thousands of Meetup members. However this FREE promotion needs to be accompanied with your testimonial of this meetup session. This is an effective way to market your own or affiliate products to our database of thousands of meetup members for FREE! Remember to bring your Namecards too to share out with the rest of our guests! Make Your Reservations Now! This Meetup session costs RM10 for reservations. This RM10 is for the office maintainence fees and to ensure serious guests only. Seats are limited to 6 guests only. Reservations can only be made by payment latest 24 hours before the session. If you would like to pay at the door on the actual day, it is RM50 and you face the risk that all seats being fully booked upon your arrival. If that happens your entry can be rejected. Date for the this coming meetup with be determined soon. Please PM me now for reservations and payment details. Thanks and Happy Youtubing!

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Like us at Facebook.com/wealthbeat ! Our Mission is to help those who yearn to learn about personal finance, Macro-Economics and Investment opportunities. We use learning tools such as Wongamania, Binary Options platforms, Social Trading and activities to help anyone have a simplistic understanding of what is going on in our chaotic financial world. Wealth is not destroyed but transfered! So are you ahead to profit from the massive capital flow? Are you ready for great investment opportunities? Join us now and be part of a growing community of Wealth Builders! Like us at Facebook.com/wealthbeat In this group, you will be updated with the specific detailed news and updates from the various investment vehicles I am involved with. Happy Investing!

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