• NYC UBI Universal Basic Income march, Sep 21, 2019

    420 W 145th St

    NYC Basic Income March is set for September 21, 2019 please register here : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nyc-ubi-universal-basic-income-march-sep-21-2019-tickets-65208037997 We are looking to create a viral event that other people can leverage and prop up in their cities. The march can receive donations that are 100% Tax Deductible via fiduciary sponsor Keith Institute. UBI march is a good opportunity to meet like minded people and promote ideas of UBI and its humanitarian consequences. Please register here : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nyc-ubi-universal-basic-income-march-sep-21-2019-tickets-65208037997 March organizers Keith Institute https://www.keithinstitute.org/ Basic Income Action https://www.basicincomeaction.org/ US BIG - Basic Income Guarantee https://usbig.net/ Basic Income New York https://basicincome.nyc/ #basicincome New York Transgender Advocacy Group https://www.nytag.org/ Pressenza - International Press Agency https://www.pressenza.com/ NABIG - North America Basic Income Congress Urban Justice Center https://www.urbanjustice.org/ Black Lives Matter New York https://www.blacklivesmattergreaterny.com/ for more details please visit www.basicincomemarch.com

  • Global Hackathon: Blockchain for Social Impact II

    450 W 17th St

    *ATTENTION* ! *HACKATHON DAY CHANGE AGAIN* ! Welcome from the organizers of the international global hackathon Blockchain for Social Impact, July 20-21 ! Blockchain for Social Impact NY https://www.meetup.com/blockchainforsocialimpactny/ Blockchain for Social Impact Moscow https://www.meetup.com/Blockchain-for-Social-Impact-Moscow/ Blockchain4Good Berlin https://www.meetup.com/Blockchain4GoodBerlin/ We are excited to announce the second, now global edition of the Hackathon "Blockchain for Social Impact" ! We will use our passions, talents and skills to build projects, solving real world problems with deep technological innovations and increase the influence of both Blockchain and Social impact Communities. PLEASE REGISTER HERE AND GET DETAILED HACKATHON PROGRAM : http://bit.ly/BlockchainForSocialImpact-Global-Hackathon As we did last year, we will focus on leveraging blockchain solutions for social impact—also including AI, machine and deep learning—targeting the following challenges: ✊ SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY 🌎 GLOBAL RESOURCES DISTRIBUTION 🔋AUTONOMOUS SYSTEMS 👋🏼 NON PROFIT MANAGEMENT ✊ DIVERSITY 🚀 LONGEVITY, RADICAL LIFE EXTENSION & AGEISM PLEASE REGISTER HERE AND GET DETAILED HACKATHON PROGRAM : http://bit.ly/BlockchainForSocialImpact-Global-Hackathon Time / length: 30 HOURS This time we are expecting 120 participants! NY Location: 450 West 17th street, New York, NY 🌟 SOME IMPORTANT POINTS: Please consider that you have to *build* or *join* a team before the Hackathon, and make sure your team members’ profiles follow the magic rule: CEO, CMO, CTO / ENGINEER / DEVELOPER, BUSINESS DEV, GRAPHIC DESIGNER, Ux Ui 🌟 AND: - we are looking for entrepreneurs and creative people that want to make a dent in the universe, from the social impact world and elsewhere, - we are looking to raise awareness, create engagement and make an impact - join us, come as you are, be yourself, express yourself 🌟 🚀 REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Expect an IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE, last year was GREAT, let's make this year even more amazing. PLEASE REGISTER HERE AND GET DETAILED HACKATHON PROGRAM : http://bit.ly/BlockchainForSocialImpact-Global-Hackathon ❤️ Alexey and Blockchain for Social Impact Global Hackathon Team ❤️ [masked]