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How to Shift Your “Indoor” Event Outside

How Meetup organizer Heike Robins hosts her book club safely outside.

Finding Community in a Pandemic, a Success Story

This first-time organizer shares his journey of building his first community and his business network during a pandemic.

Dismantling Social Injustice: Economic Mobility & Urban Policy

A conversation about the policies that have disenfranchised underrepresented minority communities and created wealth disparities within them.

Recording: Learn the Art and Science of Growing a Community

David Spinks, Founder of CMX, teaches you strategies for supporting your community and how to overcome challenges faced by community leaders at all levels.

Recording: Fireside chat, Establishing a New Normal in Corporate Culture

Learn how community leaders can help rebuild culture and a sense of belonging in the workplace with Meetup CEO David Siegel.

Recording: Fireside Chat, Building Tech in a Changing World

Andy Saldaña, organizer of one of Meetup’s largest tech groups, shares how he continues to foster connections online.

Recording: The Community Update (Central & South America)

Meetup CEO David Siegel shares updates on the current state of Meetup for communities in Central and South America.

Recording: The Community Update with Meetup’s Product Team (June)

Learn about a new way to schedule events on Meetup in this live Q&A session with Meetup’s Product team.