Recording: Addressing the Loneliness Crisis with Meetup CEO

Hear about the changes Meetup has made to facilitate lasting friendships and make community building easier.

In May 2023, the U.S. Surgeon General issued an advisory on the dangers of loneliness, calling it a health risk as serious as a daily smoking habit. This sober warning sparked a global discussion on social isolation. Meetup’s mission of bringing people together to explore shared interests and spark real connections is more urgent than ever.

Watch the recording with CEO David Siegel at Meetup Live for a mid-year update on how Meetup has been addressing the loneliness crisis and what you can do to help. You’ll hear all about the changes Meetup has made to make community building easier and forge lasting friendships.


  • The History of Meetup (1:03)
  • Top 10 Reasons Community is Important
    1. Loneliness (3:12)
    2. Leadership (5:14)
    3. Find a New Job (6:33)
    4. Mental Health (7:08)
    5. Learning (7:47)
    6. Business Growth (8:28)
    7. Find a Life Partner (9:30)
    8. Travel & Relocation (9:55)
    9. Accountability (11:01)
    10. Friendships (11:58)
  • How is Meetup Doing in Driving Connections & Community? (13:32)
  • How are We Working to Grow your RSVPs & Show Ups?
    • Driving More RSVPs (15:36)
    • Web: New Signup CTAs (16:58)
    • App: Launched IOS App Clips (17:45)
    • Email: Dynamic Web Flow (18:19)
  • What’s Coming Up Next?
    • Redesigned Homepage (19:20)
    • Swiping Experience on Native Apps (20:02)
  • Organizer Success
    • Organizer Tools Update (21:02)
    • Organizer App (22:45)
    • Organizer Community (23:31)
    • AI-Powered Group Descriptions (24:26)
    • Updating Our Designs for Accessibility Needs (26:05)
    • Member Feedback (26:27)
    • Member+ Members (27:36)
    • Pro: Hybrid Events (28:43)
  • Meetup and the Surgeon General Fight Loneliness (29:22)
  • Q&A Session (30:38)

Top Q&A Questions:

  •  Is Meetup ever going to rid all the groups that haven’t posted events in years?
    • We have made significant improvements to our algorithm for recommending and joining Meetup groups. Our main objective is to ensure that when someone joins a group, they are directed to an active and vibrant community with regular events. To achieve this, we prioritize suggesting groups that have a proven track record of hosting events and engaging their members. Additionally, when a new group joins our platform and plans an upcoming event, we actively promote that group to attract more participants.
  • Will the new design make it easier to get into a Meetup event that we are registered for?
    • One of the primary objectives of our new design is to enhance the speed and ease of joining a group and attending events. We are actively working towards streamlining the process, aiming to reduce the number of steps required. While it is important for us to gather some information about your interests to provide relevant recommendations, we understand the need to strike a balance and avoid making the process overly complicated.

Last modified on July 5, 2023