Recording: Cracking the Code of Resume Writing

Get beyond the “one-size-fits-all” resume of yesteryear and learn about the variety of ways you can capture your strengths as a candidate on paper.


From length to layout, summary statements to special skills, crafting a great resume is challenging, even with years of work experience. In this Meetup Live event, we discuss the dos and don’ts of resume writing so your next job application rises to the top of the stack.

Watch this recording of career coach Michelle Perchuk at Meetup Live for expert tips on the art of writing a resume. Get beyond the “one-size-fits-all” formula of yesteryear and learn about the variety of ways you can capture your strengths as a candidate on paper. We’ll also be busting myths about HR preferences and applicant tracking systems so you’ll know the keywords you should be using, formatting requirements, and layout hacks to stand out among candidates. 


  • Intro to Resume Writing (2:52)
  • Resume Myths (4:27)
  • Michelle’s Solution (6:10)
  • What Do Building a House and a Writing Resume Have in Common? (7:45)
  • Resume Basics (8:45)
  • Summary and Objective (12:38)
  • Sample Resume (15:44)
  • Formatting Basics (19:16)
  • Foundation of a Resume (22:20)
  • Core Competencies (22:47)
  • Content (24:18)
  • Extras to Include (26:12)
  • What Makes a Resume Outstanding? (27:33)
  • Michelle’s Resources (28:23)

Top Q&A Questions & Resources:

  • Is there a timeline where you would recommend leaving certain things out or leaving out the date to avoid potential age discrimination?
    • So never hide any information. If you graduated at a certain year, write that, or don’t include a graduation year at all. I have been making recommendations to my clients to exclude job experience that is more than 10 years old. Create a separate category called “Early Career Experience”.
  • Do you suggest different resumes for different job titles?
    • I know a lot of people have a difficult time letting go of not only having one resume. The reason why you really need one resume is that there’s only one authentic you and you will only get one job not three. So the more you could load into your master resume, that’s going to show the potential employer the best version of you.


Last modified on September 27, 2022