Recording: July 2023 Meetup Community Building Office Hours

Hear common questions get answered during office hours hosted by Meetup’s Community Support team.

It’s the summer of friendships! Build a thriving community to enjoy the season with by listening to questions get answered during office hours hosted by Meetup’s Community Support team.

Watch this recording with two of Meetup’s customer support professionals, Alex Marden and Colin-Pierre Larnerd, for essentials on managing your group, hosting events, and making the most out of Meetup’s features.

Main Takeaways:

Product Updates

  • Toggle for member photo uploads
    • Organizers and Pro administrators can decide whether their group members may upload photos to their group(s).
    • This is a great way to secure your community or manage your group’s branding.
    • You can turn this setting on/off in your group’s Optional Settings page.
  • New member profiles
    • The Android app has launched an updated member profile experience!
    • New sections:
      • Looking to
      • Shared groups
      • Shared interests
    • Members have full control over what appears and doesn’t appear on their profile.
    • Coming soon on iOS and Web.
  • Editing events after they start
    • Organizers and Event Hosts can now edit an event after it starts! The option to “Edit event” will be available up until the event ends.
    • If the event has already started, you can edit:
      • Event Title
      • Featured photo
      • Description
      • Pro speaker (if Pro group)
      • Event topics
      • Location (online & venue)
      • COVID-19 safety measures
      • Event Host
  • Event feedback overview page
    • Launched today! See all of your past event feedback in one place.
    • See what people liked and what went wrong.
    • Sort and filter ratings, message reviewers, and report feedback.
    • Use your member’s feedback to learn and make improvements to your events!

Top Q&A Questions and Resources:

  • How do I announce an online event beyond my local geographic area?
    • Colin: Currently, our platform treats online and in-person events the same due to its origin as the old platform focused on in-person meetups. However, we recognize the importance of online events in building communities. We appreciate the feedback to distinguish between event types and are actively exploring ways to differentiate them, including tags for online events and RSVP options. Your input is invaluable in shaping our platform’s future. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
  •  Is there a way to conduct surveys in Meetup directly?
    • Alex: This is not a feature Meetup has currently, but there are some workarounds. You might find it helpful to post poll links in your group discussions to encourage direct engagement. There are robust survey tools like Typeform, Google Forms, and SurveyMonkey that you can explore. Also, consider using the ‘contact members’ tool to send out emails and gather the information you need. These methods can increase engagement from your communications without relying on built-in polling features.


Last modified on July 25, 2023