Recording: May 2023 Meetup Community Building Office Hours

The essentials on managing your group, hosting events, and making the most out of Meetup’s features.

Make this season the summer of growth! Build a stronger community by getting your questions answered during office hours hosted by Meetup’s Community Support team.

Watch this recording with two of Meetup’s customer support professionals, Alex Marden and Colin-Pierre Larnerd, for essentials on managing your group, hosting events, and making the most out of Meetup’s features. 

Main Takeaways:

Product Update

  • “Who will be there” & “About our members”
    • Organizers and Member+ subscribers can now see member insights on the group page, and attendee insights on the event page!
      • Insights:
        • How many members have recently joined
        • How many members will be attending for the first time
        • The ratio of genders
        • How many members are in your age range
        • What members are looking for
        • The interests you share with fellow members

Questions from the Meetup Community

  1. “If my group is public, can every public member see all my events, details, and addresses of events? Or can they only see events once they have joined?”
    • The following information is visible to everyone who has logged into their Meetup account:
      • Title, date, and time of upcoming events
      • The location of upcoming events
      • Information will be restricted for non-members or guests visiting Meetup without logging into an account. You may change your group’s privacy settings to restrict address information.
  2. Can I start charging a membership fee now to new people that want to join (after I have 160 members)?
    • Absolutely! There’s no benchmark or prerequisite for activating any monetization features. Test your options and see what works best for your needs and your community.
  3. “I’ve linked my Zoom account and a Zoom room link to my regular monthly event. The last time no one could see the link… How can I check this ahead of time?”
    • If you’ve inserted the same Zoom link to a repeating event, that same link will be automatically visible for anyone who RSVPs to the next event in the series.
    • If a member reports that they do not see the link, encourage them to check if they’ve logged into their Meetup account and have RSVP’d to that particular event. You can always DM them the link in a pinch!
    • Any ongoing issues with link visibility should be submitted to our Support team for investigation.

Top Q&A Questions and Resources:

  • Is Meetup geared more towards free get-togethers, or is it geared more toward promoting businesses?
    • Alex: I personally wouldn’t say it’s geared more one way. Meetup offers a subscription tier called Meetup Pro, which caters more to business customers. Meetup Pro was designed to provide businesses with a broader reach compared to the standard organizer subscription. Typically, with a standard subscription, you can create three groups that are locally focused around your physical location. This aligns with Meetup’s original structure, which emphasizes creating local communities. In contrast, Meetup Pro allows for a wider, sometimes global, reach. You can create an unlimited number of groups in various cities and post network events that reach all groups within that network. Meetup Pro also provides additional analytics and communication tools for administrators. While there are features tailored specifically to support businesses, the majority of organizers and groups on Meetup are likely focused on local communities.
  • Is a physical meeting place is no longer required and an event can be completely virtual?
    • Alex: Yes, Meetup now supports online events, whereas previously it only focused on in-person gatherings. In the past, hosting exclusively online events could potentially lead to the closure of a group. However, with the need to adapt during the pandemic, Meetup started allowing and supporting online events.
    • Colin: I would say our search tools on Meetup are pretty good because my online yoga group has people from all over the world even though I’m located in Brooklyn. So it really comes down to the that people discover your events on Meetup.


Last modified on June 2, 2023