Recording | Monetizing Meetup: Finding Community Sponsors

Your go-to guide for getting sponsors for your Meetup community.

Meetup organizers, we hear you and we’re here to help. We know that organizing and event-related costs have an impact on your ability to build community. In this installment of Meetup Live’s Monetizing Meetup series, we’re discussing ways to acquire community sponsors.

Watch this Meetup Live recording to learn all about finding sponsors from Alysia Allen, Meetup Organizer Mentor and organizer of Mocha Girls Read. Understand how to research potential sponsors, how to provide value to an external partner, and how to make a successful pitch. You will leave with the confidence to ask your sponsors for what your groups need to thrive. 


  • Intro (1:29)
  • How To Build A Sponsorship Package (4:54)
    • Thoughts About Money (5:14)
    • Mindset (6:00)
    • Questions To Answer (6:43)
      • What Do We Need? (6:59)
      • What Do You Have That Sponsors Want? (10:10)
      • How To Find Sponsors? (13:42)
    • Sponsorship Package Worksheet (18:18)
    • Reminders (24:56)
    • Whom To Ask For Money (25:48)
    • When To Ask For Money (26:26)
    • What To Say (28:30)
    • Other Income Ideas (31:17)
  • Q&A (32:54)

Top Q&A Questions and Resources:

  • How do you start to engage your members in the operations of your Meetup group?
    • I send out an email, the big ask, I always ask. Another thing is at an event, you can always spot one person that’s really helpful. They’re always willing to stay a little bit later to help you. Have a conversation with them, get to know them, and usually that’s the perfect person to help you.
  • When reaching out to sponsors, is it better to talk to them in person, send an email, or talk to them on the phone?
    • All of the above, but I think face to face is always the best. That’s why I love conferences, flea markets, anywhere you can get a whole bunch of businesses in one place. Then after you speak to them in person, you can send them an email to follow up. You can say “Hey, it was great talking to you today. Here is more information…” and send it to them right then and there, keep it short and sweet.
  • Will sponsors ever ask you to sign a contract?
    • They might, but I ask them to sign one first, because it’s my Meetup group and I’m very protective of it.
  • What are some key things that you make sure to include in the contract?
    • I state that everything is not 100% guaranteed, I include the little things that we agreed upon, the start date, the end date, the details of what we will do, what is expected in return. We keep it simple, it’s not 10 pages long.


Last modified on May 2, 2023