Recording: Spice it Up, Juneteenth Cooking Demo

In celebration of Juneteenth, cook some spicy fried catfish and collard Greens with Rosie Mayes.


In celebration of Juneteenth, join Meetup Live for a cooking demonstration with Rosie Mayes form I Heart Recipes. Whether you’re looking for a special dish to prepare on Juneteenth or you want to incorporate more soul food into your recipe rotation, we’ve got you covered! Rosie will walk us through the steps for preparing Spicy Fried Catfish and Collard Greens.



Top Q&A Questions:

  • Could you use the air fryer?
    • You can definitely use an air fryer if you’re going to make the catfish. You can hold it as I did on camera, and spray it with an oil spritzer and then put it in your air fryer.
  • What if I wanted to keep the greens vegetarian. Is there a substitute for the bacon that would give that same flavor?
    • You can use the RosaMae seasonings, which already have the hickory smoke flavor. Then, if you use the seasoning, add water, or for a little more flavor, you can use vegetable broth. 
    • You can find Rosie’s seasonings here:   
  • Suggestions for a great dessert to go with it?
    • Peach cobbler is my favorite, so I would make a deep dish peach cobbler. Soon you will be able to get peach cobbler seasoning at RosaMae seasonings.
      And if you don’t want just fish and greens, add macaroni and cheese and cornbread, and you’re set.

Last modified on June 10, 2021