Recording: Voter Registration Day of Action Kickoff

Priestley M. Johnson discusses the importance of voting, how you can create a voting plan, and what you need to get started.


In anticipation of National Voter Registration Day (September 22, 2020), Meetup and When We All Vote have partnered to bring you a Meetup Live special event. Priestley M. Johnson (Deputy Director of Partnerships & Outreach, When We All Vote) to learn how to encourage folks in your communities to register to vote and how the world can use the power of Meetup communities to encourage more voters to register by becoming voting squad captains.

Make sure you register to vote or share this voter registration link with a friend!

Main Takeaways:

  • When We All Vote is a national nonpartisan organization that’s on a mission to increase voter participation in every election. 
  • National Voter Registration Day is September 22nd and the Week of Action is September 20-27th.
  • What can Meetup organizers do to get their communities involved?
    • Low effort: Register to Vote – Check your status and make sure you are registered to vote here.
    • Medium Effort: Mobilize 5 friends – Share this voter registration link with your group or with friends by text, on social media, or by email and help register your community to vote.
    • High Effort: Organize Around National Voter Registration Day – Use the Week of Action toolkit to host your own virtual event and organize those closest to you or in your community.


Top Q&A Questions:

  • Are you saying to share the meetup voter registration link to anyone who is not on meetup?
  • Voter Registration starts or stops October 3rd?
    • The end of voter registration is between October 3rd and October 15th. To be safe, register to vote this month and request your ballot at the beginning of next month.
  • If you request your ballot and you don’t send it in, can you still go in person?
    • You can request a ballot and decide to vote in person (instead of mailing your ballot) but once you mail it in, that’s how you’re voting.
    • The safest thing is to request a mail-in ballot and to keep it on hand. Look to see if there’s an early drop-off location. If that’s not easy for you, look into early voting. Finally, you can always vote in person on election day if you don’t use your mail-in ballot.

Last modified on June 23, 2021