These Signs Mean You Need to Change Jobs 

Identifying a professional problem isn’t always easy. Learn how to evaluate your current role, and discover the best steps to take when it’s time to go.


The labor market is changing, and this probably isn’t the first article you’ve come across that says so. Developments in everything from communication technology to business practices have ushered in a new era of worker mobility. 

Unlike past decades, these days it’s becoming more and more rare for people to stay at the same company for their entire careers. Whether it’s due to a negative force, like increased layoffs, or the positive force of employees having more flexibility and bargaining power, the fact is that shake-ups are happening all the time. 

But it’s okay—even good—to take that shake-up head on when you have the right plan. With a little preparation and effort, you can ensure that one job becomes a stepping stone to an even better opportunity, and Meetup will help make that possible. 

What are the signs that you should leave your job? 

Everyone’s situation is unique, but there are a few broad characteristics of any workplace that you can see as tell-tale signs of a questionable future.  

  • You’re no longer learning — What was once an exciting opportunity has gone stale. You’ve hit a wall where your daily responsibilities feel like drudgery and you’re not gaining any valuable skills. 
  • There’s no room for growth — Upward mobility within the organization appears unrealistic. The job no longer feels like a springboard toward greater success in the future. Opportunities to demonstrate your value and be rewarded for your hard work are few and far between.  
  • Your boss is no good — Communication between you and your supervisor frequently breaks down. You aren’t being put in a position to succeed. You don’t get the support you need, and instead of being a good resource, your boss’s interventions tend to make the situation worse.
  • Bad corporate culture — “Bad” can mean a lot of different things, but you’ll know it when you see it. Maybe you’re being consistently overworked, you’re lacking incentives, or you notice a suspiciously high employee turnover rate. Management styles are punitive, the organization’s fundamental values don’t align with your own, and in general you lack motivation.  
  • The company’s future is suspect — This often is the case in the startup world, but even long-standing businesses may be downsizing, shifting their focus, or re-evaluating their prospects in the marketplace. Some of the main things to look out for are layoffs, a lack of exciting new talent coming in, cashflow issues, and overall stagnation. 

What to do if it’s time to go  

When the writing’s on the wall, the most important thing you can do is avoid making any panic moves. Consider your next move carefully. Give yourself the time and space you need to come to an informed decision about your future and create a realistic path to get there. 

Improve your chances of landing a higher-paying job 

Once you know what your career goals are, it’s much easier to identify the steps you should take to achieve them. For example, if you’re under-compensated and your goal is to earn more, you might pinpoint some valuable skills you can develop to make you more competitive in the job market. 

That’s where Meetup groups like New York Code and Coffee or Nashville UX come in, with thousands of members gathering to learn the fundamentals, get insider perspectives, talk career strategy, and make impressive additions to their resumes.

Have fun while you search for opportunities  

If you think a different organization could provide a better work/life balance, you might prefer a networking community over a skill-development group. With Meetup, you can make valuable contacts in any industry through authentically fun social events. 

There are large communities that welcome professionals from across the career spectrum, like First Friday Charleston – Professional Networking Happy Hour. You can also find more niche groups dedicated to one specific career path, such as FilmMakers Network – Hollywood or 1099 Ladies NO COST Networking Meetup.  

Most people dread looking for a new job. While it can be a challenging process, it doesn’t have to be all bad. If you want to feel like you’re making real progress and you’re making friends along the way, find a career event taking place near you.

Last modified on September 13, 2023