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What we’re about

B-lues are the
E-xpressions of the
if you don't have the blues keep on living...Buddy Guy
"Incessant, sensuous, driving - the rhythm of the blues is the rhythm of America. I am reminded of countless wee hours in a blues bar of listening stupefied and trancelike to the restlessness rush of guitars,drums,harmonica and piano soaring together into some place beyond time, a place where all is left is this thrilling,ecstatic moment. I remember leaning into the music and let it wash over me and I remember never wanting to leave, remember feeling completely drained when, after being wrung out in a music so intense my soul was sweating, the band finally stopped playing and I returned to the night alone, sustained by a deep,deep satisfaction and yet a longing, an afterglow that made made me feel as though I had been transported into some timeless force of nature" Jim Shanin - Blues Music Fan
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Our group's slogan is "You don't find the blues. The blues find you". The blues is genuine, it's from the heart. In its many forms, blues music finds a way to share experiences, stories, ups and downs, hardships and happy times in song. The blues is life - and death - plus everything in between! The blues are 12 bars and the truth.
Calling all blues fans (and musicians)! This is a meetup group for people who want to get out and attend local blues acts, shows, festivals, etc., while meeting new people and having a marvelous time!
We are open to everyone who loves blues music - single, coupled or anyplace in between. This is not a dating site so if that is your thing you will be better served elsewhere. I want a safe, comfortable environment for all who attend a Meet Up.
We only ask three simple things of our members: one - post a photo of yourself that clearly shows who you are.
This helps us know who to look for when we attend meetups and helps keep us a little safer. Your request to join will not be approved without a picture.
Can you believe there still are people who can't comply with that simple requirement? All we expect is a recent, reasonable likeness of your face so we know who you are. Group photos do not count. I don't care if you use that photo as your primary photo but there must be at least one of who you are.
If you have some personal privacy concern with this, please contact one of the co-organizers and explain the situation.

We ask this first for practical purposes: we'd like to be able to identify you and provide you with a friendly greeting when you show up at a Meetup event. We reserve the right to delete or block members who don't comply with this.
Two - answer the questions so it will help us schedule events.
And lastly, to try to honor your commitments about attending. If you say you are coming we expect to see you there. We do know things come up. If that is the case just change your status you will not be attending. - You would be surprised at the number of people who won't do that. As the kids say - whatever.
Those are the rules.
It is sad that I have to mention this but any form of disrespect or harassment to any member in this group will result in immediate removal and you will be banned. We will zealously defend our group to always remain a safe and hassle-free environment.

> Hope to see you soon. And let's continue to do all we can to help keep the blues alive.

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