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AEU Skills Summit
Saturday, September 29, 9am-6:30pm - AEU Skills summit Join us at the Washington Ethical Society for a full day of insightful discussion, interactive workshops, and fun collaboration. Together we’ll explore best practices and burning questions on communications, ethical education, membership, and organizational development. Check the for more details. Sponsored by the AEU Communications, Ethical Education, and Membership committees.

Washington Ethical Society

7750 16th St NW · Washington, DC

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The Baltimore Ethical Society is a humanistic religious fellowship. We focus on human lives and relationships and explore what it means to live ethically as individuals, family members, and participants in the larger community. We have no creeds and no doctrines, but we are united by our belief in the worth and dignity of each individual and our commitment to working together to create a more just, humane, and peaceful world.

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