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What we’re about

New to Leuven and love board games? Or just looking for a fun way to connect with new people? You've found the right group

This is a real-world social networking group designed to help gamers of all types meet one another and have fun and create social connections regardless of their age and social background.

What kind of board games? Well, just about any game that is played around the table from traditional family-type games to heavy strategy or story-driven geek games, and anything fun that is in between. Feel free to bring or suggest games.

The goal is to enjoy ourselves so join up and do so.

During the weekdays (mostly on Wednesdays), we host a game night with a bigger group. There are no prerequisites, it's not necessary to be a geek gamer, and you're not even supposed to know any game. Newcomers and inexperienced gamers are highly welcome. In these sessions, we teach and play mostly light party/family-type fun games as well as intermediate-level (not too tricky and not too difficult) strategy/cooperative games. The focus of the game night is FUN.

If you want to explore more profound and more challenging board games then join our weekend sessions, where we host mostly heavy-advanced (sometimes geekish) plays with a smaller group (4-6 persons). It is not necessary to have any previous knowledge of these games, we gladly explain and teach them. Newcomers/inexperienced gamers are also welcome. However, keep in mind, that learning such games is sometimes challenging (it can take 30-60 minutes), but in return, they provide an adventurous deep experience.

Feel free to bring and/or suggest any game you want to play. I can offer the following games from my collection:

light (family and/or party):
Azul, Splendor, Dixit, Sheriff of Nottingham, Skull, Deep Sea Adventure, Spicey, Art Robbery, Carcassonne, Munchkin, Chachapoya, Power Failure, Concept, The Crew, Forbidden Desert, Long Shot, Lovecraft Letter, Salem 1692, Mountain Goats, Durian, High Society, Nine Tiles Panic, Scout, Railroad Ink

Evergreen, Forbidden Sky, Five Tribes, Clank, Pandemic, Bloody Inn, Condottiere, The Red Cathedral, Peak Oil Profiteer, Atlantis Rising, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Pan Am, Sniper Elite, New York Zoo, Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu, Burgle Bros, Cthulhu: Death May Die, Moon Adventure, Tiwanaku, Clank!: Catacombs,

Scythe, Arkham Horror (the board game), Mansion of Madness, Nemesis, Root, Pax Pamir, Spirit Island, Tzolkin, Fury of Dracula, Shards of the Jaguar, Hansa Teutonica, Caverna, Sleeping Gods, Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game, Ghost Stories, The Others: 7 Sins, Anachrony, Septima, Dune: Imperium – Uprising

If you have any questions (or just want to try any of the games above), don't hesitate to send me (Peter Szabo) a message, or ask here in the comments.