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Established in 17th April, 2016., Board Game-Oasis is a friendly, easy-going gaming group which aims to introduce board games to more people in Hong Kong, as well as providing a welcoming platform for seasoned gamers to share a friendly gaming session with fellow board game enthusiasts in town.

With 1,500 events held over the past 7 years, we are a highly-active board game club.

We are a bilingual gaming group, sessions are conducted in Cantonese and/or English.

Game rules will always be explained on the spot. You need no previous board gaming experience to participate in our events.

“Your vibe attracts your tribe”, we believe the most important element in board-gaming is - the people. With good company, every game is awesome! Over the years, we have assembled a gang of event hosts who are friendly, fun-loving, and passionate about the game, who went on to become the heart and soul of this club!

So if you are a fun-seeker who loves to explore and try out something new, or if you are a board game lover who simply wants to look for someone to play games with, simply check out our event calender, sign up, come and say hi, grab a seat, and let’s play!!

Andes (May, 2023)

Check out our home venue - Meeple Tree Board Game & Party

We are the sister group of the largest board game Meetup community in Hong Kong - BGHK
https://www.meetup.com/boardgame-hk/ (A Cantonese-speaking board game group)

Upcoming events (4)

Let's Play Gugong + Expansions

Painkiller Boardgame (New location)

Fee: To order a drink (Around $65, cafe accepts cash,payme, octopus, alipay only).
Difficulty: Medium (BGG Rating 3.05 / 5 )

Friendly Policy:
I ask all that sign up, to be positive, open minded, treat the host and others with kindness and respect. They should be fully engaged when the rules are being explained and the Host shall settle all rule disagreements.

Behavior that causes an uncomfortable or unpleasant atmosphere at the table will result in being removed from my future hostings until further notice.

No-show Policy: I get that shit happens, and you might not make it, but doing a No show, or repeatedly dropping out a few hours prior to the event starting time without notification will result in consideration to be waitlisted in all my future meetups until further notification.

If you drop out for whatever reason, please find the next person on the waitlist and contact them to replace you. Those that do not will also be waitlisted.

If after trying to contact you and you do not show, you will be marked no show on your account.

***PLEASE NOTE that if necessary the Host will arrange the attendance list so that everyone has a fun time.***

Gold West - Create the most prosperous mining empire!

Painkiller Boardgame (New location)

From BGG: (https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/154086/gold-west)

In Gold West, players compete as prospectors building their mining empires while vying over the precious metals of the frontier.

In a delicate balance of resource management and area control, players must plan their building strategies while carefully managing their supply tracks to refine the right resources at the most opportune times. Stay a step ahead of the competition and you could lead the West into the Golden Age.

Difficulty for beginners: Easy (Rules will be explained on the spot).

Fee: ~$65, pay to the venue owner, price includes one drink.

** No show policy: No shows or dropping out without good reason will potentially be blacklisted and refrained from future events.
PLEASE NOTE that if necessary the Host will rearrange the attendance list.

[⚠️This is NOT an EVENT⚠️] Oasis English-speaking Community Whatsapp Group

[This is NOT an event, it's for people to sign up joining the SIGNAL group]

For English-speakers in our Oasis community to chat about anything, boardgames related or not, and get to meet new friends!

To join, simply RSVP here, leave your Signal, and we will soon be adding you to our Signal community! (To join whatsapp group, simply click on the link down the comment section)

Please only sign up after you read and understand the content. 🙏)


[⚠️This is NOT an EVENT⚠️] 真新手狼人殺WhatsApp Group

Needs a location

狼人殺愈來愈紅, 好多未試過玩嘅朋友都心動想行動. 但狼人殺如果一些老手高配同新手BB混埋一齊玩, 遊戲體驗對雙方都唔好.

所以從此之後”迷寶狼人殺”會分為老手局同新手局. 呢個就係我地特別為”真”新手而開嘅Whatsapp group! 日後會響谷內開新手狼.

目的係希望創造一個輕鬆愉快嘅環境讓一班新手BB狼開開心心地學! 快快樂樂地玩! 唔駛驚俾人鬧!

呢個group嚴格祗限真正狼人殺新手而設, 當一位狼BB愈玩愈進步後我地會將佢從新手Whatsapp group移除, 畢業“升呢”加番入我地嘅老手迷寶狼Whatsapp groups! 相同level嘅狼玩家一齊玩好玩好多!

想join嘅朋友祗需要響度RSVP報名, 然後留下Whatsapp便可(唔留Whatsapp我地冇辦法加你)!

Please only sign up after you read and understand the content. 🙏)



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