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What we’re about

Established in 17th April, 2016., Board Game-Oasis is a friendly, easy-going gaming group which aims to introduce board games to more people in Hong Kong, as well as providing a welcoming platform for seasoned gamers to share a friendly gaming session with fellow board game enthusiasts in town.

With 1,600 events held over the past 8 years, we are a highly-active board game club.

We are a bilingual gaming group, sessions are conducted in Cantonese and/or English.

Game rules will always be explained on the spot. You need no previous board gaming experience to participate in our events.

“Your vibe attracts your tribe”, we believe the most important element in board-gaming is - the people. With good company, every game is awesome! Over the years, we have assembled a gang of event hosts who are friendly, fun-loving, and passionate about the game, who went on to become the heart and soul of this club!

So if you are a fun-seeker who loves to explore and try out something new, or if you are a board game lover who simply wants to look for someone to play games with, simply check out our event calender, sign up, come and say hi, grab a seat, and let’s play!!

Andes (February, 2024)

Check out our home venue - Meeple Tree Board Game & Party

We are the sister group of the largest board game Meetup community in Hong Kong - BGHK (A Cantonese-speaking board game group)