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The Big Score + Other Games
Let's keep playing these new games that I have acquired!. Haven't decided what the 2nd game will be, but will bring a couple for ppl to choose. Difficulty for beginners: Easy/Medium (Rules will be explained on the spot). Fee: To order a drink (Around $60, cafe accepts cash only). No-show: No show, or repeatedly dropping out a few hours prior to the event starting time without notification will be waitlisted for any of my future meetups until further notification. If you do drop out for whatever reason, please find the next person on the waitlist and contact them to replace you. Those that do not will also be waitlisted in the future. From BGG: The vault at Centennial City Bank is currently rumored to be holding a record amount of cash, precious diamonds, ancient artifacts, and highly-sensitive digital information. As the boss of one of the city's most notorious crime organizations, robbing that vault for all it's worth is constantly on your mind. There's only one problem—this job is too big for just your crew alone. You're going to need help from some of your biggest rival crime bosses if you want to succeed. You'll need to join forces on a series of smaller jobs in order to acquire the skills and resources you'll need to pull off the biggest heist the city has ever seen—but watch your back! Once you and your new partners in crime are inside the bank vault, it'll be every boss for himself. If you manage to safely escape the scene with more loot than your rivals, you'll be revered as the city's most notorious crime boss. Hire your crew, plan the heist, and get ready for the big score!

Painkiller Boardgame Cafe

Shop C, 5/F, 2 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui · Hong Kong

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#桌遊 #策略 #派對 #廣東話 #英語 #守約 #尊重 #贏不驕 #輸不怨 #喜歡笑 #喜歡玩 #喜歡認識新朋友 #你會喜歡這群組!

Established in 17th April, 2016., Board Game-Oasis is a casual, easy-going gaming group which aims to introduce board games to more people in Hong Kong, as well as providing a welcoming platform for seasoned gamers to share a friendly gaming session with fellow board game enthusiasts.

With 500 events held in the past two years, we are a highly-active board game group, averaged an event every two days.

We are a bilingual gaming group, sessions are conducted in Cantonese and/or English.

Game rules will always be explained on the spot. You need no board gaming experience to participate in our events.

“Vibe attracts tribe”, we believe the most important element in board-gaming is the people. With good company, every game is awesome! We have gathered a group of event hosts who are friendly, fun-loving, and passionate about the game.

So if you are a fun-seeker who likes to explore and try out something new, or if you are a board game lover who simply wants to look for someone to play games with, simply check out our event calender, sign up, come and say hi, grab a seat, and let’s play!!

Andes (July, 2018)

** In late March, 2018., Meeple Tree Board Game store started opening for business. It has always been a dream of me to run a board game venue of my own. Not sure how long this project will last, but I'm living for the moment!

Here are Meeple Tree Board Game's Facebook Page and Website:

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