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Established in 19th April, 2016., Board Game-Oasis was originally a pure board game group which aims to introduce the table top games to more people in Hong Kong, as well as providing a welcoming platform for seasoned gamers to share a friendly gaming session with fellow board game enthusiasts.

In five years, we rapidly developed into one of the leading Hong Kong board game groups on Meetup, with four more expansion groups established. Altogether, we have held over 3,500 events.

Entering our sixth year’s journey in Meetup, we want to move out of our comfort zone, and venture into organising events such as hiking, social gathering, language exchange, dating, city exploring, dining, sports, movie and more!

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We welcome all to the friendly OASIS community!!

Andes (Founder, Organiser) - January 2022

*** Check out our Main Extension Group: BGHK
https://www.meetup.com/boardgame-hk/ (One of the leading Meetup board game groups in town)

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[⚠️This is NOT an EVENT⚠️] English-speaking Community Signal Group

[This is NOT an event, it's for people to sign up joining the SIGNAL group]

For English-speakers in our Oasis community to chat about anything, boardgames related or not, and get to meet new friends!

To join, simply RSVP here, leave your Signal, and we will soon be adding you to our Signal community!

Please only sign up after you read and understand the content. 🙏)


[⚠️This is NOT an EVENT⚠️] BGHK@迷寶樹 Signal 谷

Needs a location

UPDATE: Whatsapp Groups 暫時唔會再加人, 會轉去SIGNAL.

Hi! Meeple Tree合共有唔知幾多個Whatsapp groups, 總人數大概有5000人. 有興趣加入嘅朋友可以先在此RSVP, 留低你嘅Whatsapp便可. 遲d我地便會加你哋入個group. (按下"Are You Going"下的Yes符號後, 填上你的WhatsApp號碼便行.)

[呢個唔係一個"活動". 你的RSVP主要係用來表示你嘅approval, 准許我哋去加你入個Whatsapp group.]

Meeple Tree Whatsapp Groups 嘅主要功能:
1. 將來新scheduled咗嘅Meetup活動會同步響Whatsapp groups公佈, 咁就唔再需要返Meetup check都能收到最新嘅活動訊息!
2. 如果有event臨時有空缺, 我哋亦會首先通知Whatsapp groups嘅朋友.

Please only sign up after you read and understand the content. 🙏)


[⚠️This is NOT an EVENT⚠️]Language Exchange Signal Group

Please leave your Signal to join the Signal group. (By clicking RSVP, you will see the field to provide your Signal number. To protect your own privacy, do not leave your number down in the comment section)

Hi, this is a language exchange Signal group, please feel free using this platform to organise language exchange events on your own! ALL events will be organised inside the Signal group.

Please only sign up after you read and understand the content. 🙏
If you are asking where the location is or why your number is still not added, it means that you are not reading the post detail correctly :)


[⚠️This is NOT an EVENT⚠️] 真新手狼人殺Group

Needs a location

狼人殺愈來愈紅, 好多未試過玩嘅朋友都心動想行動. 但狼人殺如果一些老手高配同新手BB混埋一齊玩, 遊戲體驗對雙方都唔好.

所以從此之後”迷寶狼人殺”會分為老手局同新手局. 呢個就係我地特別為”真”新手而開嘅Signal group! 日後會響谷內開新手狼.

目的係希望創造一個輕鬆愉快嘅環境讓一班新手BB狼開開心心地學! 快快樂樂地玩! 唔駛驚俾人鬧!

呢個group嚴格祗限真正狼人殺新手而設, 當一位狼BB愈玩愈進步後我地會將佢從新手Signal group移除, 畢業“升呢”加番入我地嘅老手迷寶狼Signal groups! 相同level嘅狼玩家一齊玩好玩好多!

想join嘅朋友祗需要響度RSVP報名, 然後留下Signal便可(唔留Signal我地冇辦法加你)!

Please only sign up after you read and understand the content. 🙏)


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