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New people always welcome at no charge for first meetup. After that, cost is $2 per Meetup. Or, you can pay $10 to be a member from now until December 31, 2018! Come out and join the party! It's a fun night of playing great board games and hanging with a great bunch of people! 😄 Arrive whenever you can! 😀 Please make sure to bring a board game(s) to share. All types of games are welcome. Thanks! 😀 **If you miss the RSVP date, please join us anyway. The more the merrier!*** ~Debi


2100 Route 70 West · Cherry Hill, NJ

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Welcome to Voorhees Board Game (VBM) Meetup Group. We are excited to have you join us this year for fun, laughter and good times. This Meetup Group is for people who love to play board games and enjoy life. The Organizers are grateful to the terrific Meetup Game Players that have & continue to come out to join the fun.

We play a variety of board games and we encourage members to bring their favorite games to the Meetup. We are always eager and willing to learn a new game or revisit an old game. Some of the games we have played at Meetups are as follows: Telestrations, Smart Ass, Buzzword, Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, card games, trivia games, etc., etc., etc... We attend the monthly "Quizzie Haddon" a trivia night in Haddondfield.

Besides playing games, we have "Let's Get Together Meetups" where we meet to do other activities. Some outings include bowling, volunteer opportunities, Sci Fi movies and other activities.

Here is some important information you need to know before joining:

***You must post a photo of yourself when you join. It is a requirement for this Meetup Group. If you do not, you will be removed. Thanks for your cooperation.***


There is a cost associated with hosting a Meetup with To help alleviate some of the costs, we ask our members to assist us with this cost through charging a nominal fee. We have provided two fee options which are a yearly fee or a meetup day fee:

New people always welcome at no charge for first Meetup

Yearly Fee - This fee is for our Gamer Players who come out on a regular basis - $10.00.

Meetup Day Fee – This fee is for our Gamer Players who participate only a few times a year. This fee is due the day of the Meetup - $2.00.

***Fees will be collected at the beginning of each Meetup. Please bring the exact amount of either $2.00 or $10.00. Thanks!***

Cash or check will be accepted.


In order to be a member of this Meetup Group, we require everyone to post a photo of himself/herself. Cartoons, caricatures or avatars are NOT acceptable. We require a photo because we believe that providing a picture and your name gives us some assurance of who we are meeting. It is also helpful to the organizers to be able to find our members in a crowd. With a picture in hand, we know exactly who we are looking for as well as give us a level of comfort when meeting people for the first time. Our pictures are posted to give our members the same level of comfort when meeting us. Please include a real name with your photo. Nickname or letters will numbers will not be accepted.


If you RSVP YES & then are not able to attend the Meetup, please change the RSVP to NO. We understand things come up in life and plans have to change. Just be courteous and update your status, we appreciate this consideration. We would prefer for you to RSVP NO, if you have other plans on the same date of a Meetup and are unsure of your attendance. If your plans change, and you are able to attend the Meetup, please just show up - the more the merrier.

Members who have excessive NO SHOWS will be removed from this Meetup Group.


If a Meetup Game Player has not attended any Meetups for more than a year, he/she will be removed from the Meetup Group. We want to have a current list of active members. The removal of non-attending members will occur every year in January.

We welcome suggestions and ideas for our Boardgames Meetups. Let us know of any new locations we can use for our Meetups.

We look forward to you joining us in 2017 for lots of laughter, game playing, and making new friends. Thanks!

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