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What we’re about

Do you love London but find it is getting really expensive?
You want to go out and experience some cool things but you haven't got the budget to do it or you just love the idea that you can experience things without them costing the earth.

Do you find that people are friendly enough in London but it’s hard to take it to that next level and make friends?
In a research project at the University of Kansas back in 2018 Professor Jeffrey Hall found it takes 50 hours of mixing with someone to go from acquaintance to casual friend! No wonder most of us end up being better friends with Nigel who we meet at the photocopier room at work than someone we share interests with!

Do you love trying new stuff but don’t have the confidence?
It's a fact that many people want to try new stuff but for whatever reason: social anxiety, nerves or age you don't try new stuff.

The purpose of this new Meetup group is to find fun things to do which are either free or don't cost that much and help you to connect with other people in London. Hopefully you will make friends and chase away that occasional loneliness which hits us all from time to time.

I am a London Tour Guide in addition to running this group and I must admit I am a bit in Love with London - if you are too then we are sure to connect!

**disclaimer** I am very committed to finding exciting and interesting things to do in London which I can share with you all but I cannot guarantee you have a wonderful time in life, that all depends on you and your attitude. I am a facilitator and not the main organiser for these events we go to. So when I suggest an event that is being run by an organisation in London I am not responsible if it turns out to be not so fun as it seems.

I am from an era where politeness means a great deal. An RSVP takes a nano second. You no show twice and I will remove you from the group. No bad feelings, it will be a swift and emotionless removal. No time for lack of courtesy.

Join the Facebook page to see what is coming up as Meetup only allows you to see 4 events:

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