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What we’re about

Hello there gorgeous! This is a social group designed to empower and encourage love and acceptance of plus sized women 21 and up, size 16 and up. We will practice and discuss all things body positivity, wellness, body kindness, self-love, non-diet culture, intuitive eating, mindfulness and size acceptance. This is NOT a weight loss group so leave the diet and weight loss talk at home!
Let’s beat all of our body size insecurities into the ground forever and learn to love ourselves for real. We WILL practice light exercise occasionally and activities that make us feel energized and healthy. We will also get pizza and drinks! Balance in life is so important. I want this group to learn and accept that we can be plus sized and still healthy at the same time. Health at EVERY size! (HAES) I really want you to find healing in this group if you struggle with body image, food, self worth. Let’s get together and lift each other up to live our best life at whatever size.
"Making peace with food and your body can be scary....but its not as scary as waking up in 40 years realizing you've spent most of your life killing yourself to lose weight"
We don’t have to suffer through life because we are not the socially “ideal” size. That is just ridiculous! Let’s find our people in this group learn to thrive on self love and acceptance.
**Event Cancellation Policy** Any cancellations within 2 hours prior to the start time of an event will be flagged as a no show. If there is something that is beyond your control obviously that will be accepted and we won’t flag you. We need time to respectfully communicate to restaurants and other places of business that are expecting us and holding a place for us. 3 no shows and you will be removed from BKPSWE for 1 month before you can rejoin. \

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions! See you soon!
Love, Elizabeth & Danee