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New Moon Global Sisterhood Bonfire - December 7th, 2018
Dear sister, We will gather at the bonfire and create ritual. We will move inside and have our circle time. Yes, Sister, magic is real. It’s palpable and powerful, and it occurs when women gather in safe and sacred circles to share what's REALLY going on inside of their hearts. When a woman is give permission to dig deep into her wellspring of wisdom and courageously share her truth, however painful, with a group of sisters (some of whom she may not know at all), her heart becomes fuller and lighter at the same time. She feels relief as the fear she has long held close, believing that it’s protecting her, begins to release through her breaths, sighs, words, and maybe even tears. This might be the first time in her life she has felt truly seen or heard, without judgement, by other women. See? Magic. That woman can be you. Women come to Circle for so many reasons. To heal, to grow, to learn who they are, to feel a part of something bigger, to connect with their purpose, to find true friendships, to release self-judgement. No matter what you’re seeking, you’ll find it here. If you open yourself up to receive what’s being offered, you’ll be forever changed – in the best ways! "Surrender, humility, and vulnerability are signs of strength. This is the power of the feminine. This is the power that lives inside of you." – Torie Michelle Feldman Does reading that give you chills, too? This is what’s nurtured in Sister Circle. Together we create this sacred container to share what’s on our hearts and bring our intentions into focus. Whatever it is you’re working on, no matter how dark or scary, you’re invited to bring it into Circle. Compassion will be waiting for you there. Your sisters will honor your truth and trust in your wisdom and capacity to navigate your own life. In Circle, you become the speaker and the listener, the wise woman and the little girl, the leader and the follower, the healer and the healed. When you’re able to lean into this, trust your ability to face any situation life presents, and know you have the support of your sisters... you can do anything. BE anything. You sense that you are already whole. Because you are. Magic is real. Come experience it for yourself. With fierce love, Caroline Andrews • What to bring bring flash light, warm clothing and your beautiful smile

1156 Wild Canary Lane

Encinitas, CA 92024 · Encinitas, CA

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Hello! My name is Caroline Andrews, and I’m so blessed to have an awesome outdoor Bonfire Pit on my 1-acre gorgeous Encinitas property I call,"House of Light"!


As an active healer and women's coach in the community, I’ve decided to offer FREE bonfires and other gatherings to all women – a place where we can gather, use fire energy to cleanse, heal, and melt away the stresses of our lives all while sampling the most amazing organic chocolate from my sponsor, Nibble Chocolate!

What better way to spend an evening than with girlfriends, fire, and chocolate!

Join me each month on the New Moon to just relax and unwind in nature. I also share and teach about relevant topics for us women to learn and grow from...sometimes with special guests from the community.

This is a FREE event, please let me know if you are attending and feel free to bring a girlfriend!

RSVP today!

P.S. If it ever rains, we will be inside in front of my wood burning fireplace!

With all my love,

Caroline Andrews

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