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Bonoboville is a community founded by Dr. Susan Block, best-selling author of “The Bonobo Way,” "The 10 Commandments of Pleasure," “Being a Woman” (with Dr. Toni Grant) and "Advertising for Love." She is best known for her hit HBO specials, her over 20 years on Los Angeles cable TV and her unique, renowned events, shows, seminars and parties around the world.

A small village (in cyber space and down on earth) for people who want to further their understanding of human sexuality using various forms of media, “Bonoboville” takes its name from the bonobos, the "Make Love Not War" chimpanzees, who swing through the trees, and with each other. "The Bonobo Way" inspires us to live more peaceful, pleasurable, female-empowered, ecosexual lives.

Our group gets together to learn, discuss, enjoy and explore various forms of sexuality, art, erotica, science, dance, performance and culture, and always to have fun together. We meet up for the shows, seminars, art exhibits, live theater, dinners, discussion groups, parties, celebrations and trips to the zoo to see the real bonobos. Sometimes we make films of our adventures. We also work to help save the real bonobos, who are highly endangered, from extinction.

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