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Meet kindred book lovers in a stimulating, coed book club! This book club already existed and has members, but we'd like to have new members join and we have continued doing so throughout the time the book club has existed- new blood and thoughts help make the book club even more interesting and diverse. One must fill out the form (I know it's a pain) and be selected by the group to join. We alternate between fiction and non-fiction. In the past, we met at people's homes all over the DC area; but now we meet in Dupont predominantly (you can eat and/or drink, if you want, good, inexpensive food). Perhaps we might occassionally meet at members' homes as well. We'll also have happy hours (which happens when we have book club there--before book club starts and the happy hour prices continue during the book club meeting) where we can get to know each other better and discuss our must reads, etc. At book club, you'll read a new book (wide range of genres, etc. and perhaps ones you wouldn't normally select--but when that happens book club members tell me how happy they are to be introduced to other genres/authors, etc.) and get to share your thoughts and discuss it with others. We pick a new book together and that's fun as well and we don't pick bestsellers unless it's actually a good well, written book that lends to interesting discussion/thought; (I've been told that makes us different than a lot of book clubs.). Come to be stimulated, enjoy a good discussion of an interesting book, laugh, learn, share stories, make new friends, etc!

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Melissa's ExcitingAstronomy-Light as CosmicMessenger Talk & virtual happyhour

Let's celebrate together surgiving another day with panedemic virtually with fab wingwomen&remarkable physicist Melissa&a recipe share happyhour drinks (alcoholic& nonslcoholic) combined with scintialating science&a demystifying of astronomy and how light is a cosmic messenger. In preparation for our not 2be missed surviving another day virtual happyhour,recipe sharing of your fav appetizers too (it you want) &drinks&Melissa's fascinating&fun astronomy talk,if you want,find your fav appetizers & drink recipes to share&ingredients to make them ahead of time so you can enjoy them with us at our surviving another day happyhour. Or if you're like me (not into cooking or don't have time&just want to share your recipe without making it beforehand or want to just learn about others recipes)perhaps buy the food&drink to enjoy during our virtual happy. Or just find your appetizer & drink recipes to share& you can drink&eat whatever you have on hand if you don't have time to get it or enjoy without eating or drinking if you want...whatever makes you happy.. We'll receive this surviving a day treat by being given a gift by a remarkable creative physicist& also good cook& fab wingwomen Melissa--an illuminating&fun& eye opening virtual astronomy talk. Melissa will start us on our recipe drink&food sharing& thus the start of our happyhour. While we're enjoying this virtual happy, we'll be fortunate to get to enjoy Melissa's fascinating& eye opening virtual astronomy talk that will illuminate everything you've wanted to know& understand about astronomy & light in particular. As an astonomy expert , Melissa will translate astronomy & light into simple understandable terms& make it fun. Melissa will explain some of the mysteries of our universe that perhaps we wondered about& didn't know why or how they happened & how Light/radiation plays a large role in our lives and through the universe from labs to medical applications to Astronomy & Physics. If we have more time,we'll catch up with one another(we'll have done intros at the start)& continue our vitual happyhour. So if you didn't know those participating you'll know or maybe learn more&feel comfortable&maybe have shared your drinks & appetizer recipes. So looking forward to enjoying&zooming with you& getting to learn from fab Melissa&each other&get to know each other better&enjoy&understand better beauty/wonders /lights of the universe,perhaps learn more about science&maybe finally understand or better understand&enjoy it (if you haven't already),learn more about appetizers & drinks&get to celebrat surviving another day great laughs&fun. I can't wait to enjoy with you all again if I'm privileged on October21 & also if we're lucky on ** Oct20Nonfiction BclubCaptivatingDelightful ExquisitelyWrittenMezmerizing CriticallyAcclaimedMustRead Memoir,"The Library Book" by Susan Orleans &/ or Oct28FemBclubCritically AcclaimedInsightfulWittyUnforgettableGrippingDistinctive& UniqueVoiceEvocativeBrilliantly Written with Propulsive &Original ProseEngrossingPoignant,& EnthrallingHardToPutDown Historical FctionNovel "Daisy Jones & The Six" by Taylor Jenkins Reid.**

Virtual Fun&Bonding not2beMissed Stitch&Bitch with happyhour & booktalk

What delves deep into your creativity, adds camaraderie& laughter,&can also put U into a state of meditative relaxation? ... &you end up with a beautiful self made scarf or sweater on your body?! OUR NEW STITCHERY (*If you're creative¬ a stitcher¬,but you can join us too &/or create by painting or crafting or coloring or even creative ideas whatever*)&share your creativity&show off your beautiful creations&help others &/or be helped.Let's just be creative together&enjoy!*)GROUP,OF COURSE 32md Fun&Bonding& Meditative&Creative&Good for your Brain with a delicious, inexpensive virtual happyhour!!! Almost forgotten how to knit a stitch or crochet a chain,but want get back into it again?Want to access your dormant creativity around a group of wonderful,fun-loving booklovers with no pressure? Wanna just sit around& talk& laugh while creating that scarf or sweater you've always wanted? You can also be a novice like me who knitted a little as a teenager as my grandmother was an expert stitcher..but I'm not sure I remember anything&one member who's a crotcher (She says she's not an expert..but she knows how&has created works)says she'll bring a crochet needle&some yarn for me& teach me a little&you can learn with me if you want&if I have time,I'll find or get knitting needles&some yarn too.So let's try to stitch together from beginners /novices to experienced-all welcome&we'll help each other,stitch,show off for those who can&share what you're making or thinking of making. We'll stitch or try &be creative while bonding& laughing&conversing&enjoying a virtual happyhour. JOIN OUR GROUP!! Keep Us in Stitches!! Let's be creative in our love of books as well as knitting, crocheting & other stitchery crafts, while having fun getting to know one another &enjoying stitching&book & stitch talk& good fun&bonding conversation This is my 99th& I'm sure better take at a virtual gathering- something that doesn't come natural to an extrovert who needs&loves in person gatherings: but I actually enjoyed a lot my-our- prior few attempts at virtual & (& been told you all did as well-thankfully).I'll try to think of any ways to make this really friendly& thus feel like we're together in person & I think I might be getting decent at it&always accept/love to hear your ideas & desires too. Hope 2 see you on October ee for stitching&bitching &/or trying to stitch&being creative&bond&having fun during a happy&**If we're lucky also on Oct24 beautifulMustSee ReopenedGem Arboretum &/or Oct25Beautiful&historicRock CreekParkHike &/or Oct12Fun& HelpfulPetTalkShareStories&AskQuestions&getHelp&fun &/or oct26not2be missed&rewarding learn2meditate2gther&get good health rewards: positivity&lower blood pressure&stress&improve sleep&energy&more &/or Oct15 Fun&BondingStitch&Bitch &/or Oct30beautifulc&OCanalWith SparklingWater&History&Free ParkingLots &/or Oct20Nonfiction Bclub CaptivatingDelightful ExquisitelyWrittenMezmerizing CriticallyAcclaimedMustRead Memoir,"The Library Book" by Susan Orleans &/or FemBclub witty original Hard 2PutDown Historical Fiction " Daisy Jones & The Six.** To make our virtual gatherings as wonderful &fun &stimulating as possible,please let me know any ideas you have &anything you want me to do virtually for U &if you want to teach or practice any expertise or skillset on us, i.e,, teaching your area of expertise, hobby or side business, i.e., finance & basics of investing & maybe how to bartend or cook a dish you love or teach us a dance move,So share your ideas & virtual desires with me & if you have any expertise/skillset you want to teach us.

Not2BMissedArboretumSocialDistancingWalk&EnjoyBeauty&Booktalk MayBringFido

United States National Arboretum


What better way to safely walk off your stay at home calories then at the Arboretum.We're going on Saturday October 24& recently reopened & as I love the Arboretum&missed it&we cant wait to go again & i hope you join us for this rare treat we've been deprived of for months. Come join myself &my friendly dog Bogie (You can bring guest(s) &/or a dog) on Saturday October 24 at beautiful Arboretum to enjoy beauty,get safe social distancing with masks exercise,go on a small roadtrip or walk there (if you want company on your walk there-you can join Bogie&I)& get to have fun,more exercise&a nice walk to the Arboretum,meet us at 12th&U,NW at 12:15pm.If not,meet us at the Arboretum at 2pm.(We'll meet behind the VisitorCenter)&enjoy good book talk& conversations,bond, exercise. You may bring a guest or 2 &/or a friendly dog. I can't wait to enjoy the wonderful,beautiful Arboretum with the great company of fabulous book lovers. We can't wait to see you on October 24**& if we're fortunate also on &/or on oct8 virtual fun&bonding&meditative Stitch&Bitch &/or on oct11 beautiful&scenic not2BeMissed with free parking lots&social distancing &woodsy&sparkling water&rockCreekparkhike &/or on oct13 not2Be missed &rewarding learn2 meditate 2gther&get good health&spiritual rewards of positivity&lowering blood pressure&improving sleep&energy& more &/or &/or support with difficult virus&/or onoct20VirtualNonfictionBclub fascinating must read memoir,"The Library Book" by Susan Orlean** We'll walk around the Arboretum & enjoy the beauty, get some exercise & good book talk.Thus treat yourself to a beautiful, educational hike in the National Arboretum, a remarkable hiking venue tucked away in NE DC. The hike will consist of a wind through an exotic, colorful,mildly hilly, & 446-acre landscape of woodlands,fields,& history. Highlights include their flowering plants, river vistas,a former brickyard,discarded pieces of the U.S. Capitol (Capitol Hill columns in the middle of a beautiful field that resembles art), an exotic amazingly beautiful asIan garden with a pagoda & river view,&more beauty. Dirs & Info about the Arboretum: The Arboretum's located in NE DC with parking. Join us to see the areas most botanically diverse hiking venue. There are two entrances:3501 NewYorkAve, NE & the other at 24th&R Sts off Bladensburg. MEETING PLACE: if you're not meeting us to walk to the Arboretum-Use the entrance on 24th&R& meet behind the Visitor Center. Driving Dirs: From NWDC:Follow NewYorkAve east to intersection of Bladensburg Rd.Turn right onto Bladensburg&left on RSt 2 Arboretum. From Md:Take CapitalBeltway(I 495/I 95)toExit22B towards DC.Follow BaltimoreWashingtonPkway approx7miles to NewYorkAve.Get in left lane.You'll approach intersection of BladensburgRd&only 2left lanes turn onto Bladensburg.Make left onto Bladensburg&a left on RSt 2 Arboretum From Va(I 395):Follow I 395N over 14thStBridge.Follow signs til freeway [masked] right ontoNewYork&follow NewYork to intersection of BladensburgRd.Turn right onto Bladensburg&left onRSt2Arboretum. From Va(I 95&I 295):Follow I 95 N&cross Wilson Bridge.Stay in right lane over bridge.Bear onto 95/I 295N 2DC.Follow I 295 to ExitRt50W-NewYorkAve&continue on Rt50 to BladensburgRd;only two left lanes turn onto Bladensburg.Make left onto Bladensburg&left onRSt 2Arboretum From Va(I 66):Cross RooseveltBridge&follow ConstitutionAve past Capitol Building.Bear left onto MarylandAve.Make a left onto BladensburgRd&a right onRSt2 Arboretum METRO Dirs:StadiumArmory's the closest Metro.Transfer2 BusB-2;disembark bus on BladensburgRd at RSt.Walk 2blocks to RMake right on R 2Arboretum Cheers RobbieSusan

MustSeeBeauty@RockCreekPark&SocialDistancing&exercise may bring fido

We'll be limiting our size&practicing social distancing & engaging in an allowed outdoor activity of walking or walking our dog & we're doing it as if in separate units pretty far apart, etc. Self care, including exercise& socializing, is important for us all. And as our event is outside& we don't have direct contact&are taking safety precautions, give yourself the needed gift of safe beautiful feel good exercise with our dogs or get pet therapy & join us on Sunday October 25& saturday at the arboretum too. We'll enjoy a pleasant, beautiful, abutted by water & nature, historic hike throughout Rick creek Park together-(& it has free good sized parking lot). We'll meet next to the historic Pierce Mill (that still actually runs & makes flour ) on the paved path next to the water. The parking lot is right nearby- about a block from the intersection of Tilden & Rock creek parkway & if you use Google maps, it's located at Lat. [masked] & Long. [masked] It's along RockCreek Parkway & one block from the intersection of Tilden & Shoemaker Street & the closest metro if walking & a reference is DC's Van Ness about a mile away or 15 minute walk. I & another booklover scouted the area so we could find parking for you all & finally get to enjoy the really scenic, beautiful& shaded & woodsy Rock Creek Park & with parking. It should be fun & we get to enjoy feel good nature with our dogs and/or get pet therapy. Can't wait to to enjoy fabulous cathartic & calorie burning not to be missed historic & with free parking Rock Creek Park with you on Sunday octoberr 25&***if we're very fortunate also on oct 10 not2beMissedGem ArboretumHike&water&freeParkingLots & &/or Oct13 not2bemissed & rewarding learn2meditate 2gther&get good health rewards: positivity&lower blood pressure &stress &improve sleep&energy &more &/or Oct20CoedNonFictBclub MustReadMenoir "The Library Book"" &/or Oct28Fembclub MustReadHard2PutDownHistoricalFictio. Daisy Jones & The Six** In 1890, Congress decreed that Rock Creek’s valley would become “a pleasuring ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people of the United States.” Today, covering about 2,100 acres, the park consists largely of woodlands and stream valleys that protect the environment and provide habitat for assorted flora and fauna. Of course, we're only walking a small portion of beautiful Rock creek park. Bogart & I are walking Pierce Mill from 12th&U,NW, if anyone wants to walk there with us. It's about 2.4 miles & we'll leave at 12:30pm.Otherwise,we'll meet you near the Pierce Mill house at 1:30pm. You may bring friend(s) &/or a friendly dog if you want Looking forward to enjoying Rock Creek Park with social distancing & masks & safeguards with you on Sunday October 25 Cheers Robbie Susan& Bogie (my friendly dog & honorary booklover)

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