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What we’re about

Hello Wonderful Readers!

Welcome to our vibrant bookish community in Northern Colorado. Our mission is simple: gather awesome ladies for fantastic conversations about great books. Whether you're a seasoned bookworm or just diving into the world of reading, you're in for a treat!

📍 In-Person Gatherings: Our get-togethers are face-to-face, fostering the joy of in-person connections.

📚 Book Selection Magic: Choosing our next literary adventure is a democratic affair! We rely on your votes through online polls, and all book suggestions are welcome. Got a page-turner in mind? Drop your suggestions in our discussion thread below and let the reading journey unfold!

🍹 Diverse Meeting Spots: From cozy restaurants and lively breweries to the comfort of private homes, our meetings have a flair for variety. Join us on a Thursday evening, every four weeks (with a few adjustments for holidays). Check the event page for updates on the day of the event.

📖 Genre Galore: Our bookshelf is a kaleidoscope of genres. Mystery lovers, romance aficionados, sci-fi enthusiasts—everyone is welcome. The power to shape our reading list lies in the hands of our incredible group members.

🗓️ Membership Magic: Become a member, but here's a gentle nudge: if you don't attend an event or check in on our group page for over six months, we'll miss you, and you might be gently removed. Of course, you're always welcome back whenever the bookish mood strikes.

Join us for laughter, literature, and the joy of shared stories. Let's embark on a reading adventure together!

Happy reading!