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What we’re about

Welcome Boston Ops Folk,

Over the past few years many of us that work in technical operations (of some sort) have gotten together 1-on-1 for coffee or lunch or drinks. The discussions are always great because there is a lot of commonality and it’s great to hear how others are approaching similar problems of handling scale, building teams, and generally helping our respective companies grow. In fact, we always ask ourselves why don’t we all get together... So, welcome to BosOps.

The focus: It’s simple. This is an opportunity to meet, teach and learn from other local technology leaders who are primarily focused on -and responsible for- 24X7 technical operations of their companies.
There are no talks, no presentations.  Just a relaxed, casual networking event where you can meet other people in your community and share your experiences in building systems, scaling teams, and supporting the business.  
Join the daily conversations in our BosOps slack: