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Please join us in doubles badminton!  Boston Badminton Westboro Meetup is about getting together to play an incredible sport. Intermediate and above players are welcome.  Please, no beginners or near beginners as we are a pretty solid group of intermediate players. You must know the rules of the game, and be familiar with all the basic shots including smashing, and know how to cover the court in doubles play. Thank you.
Sign up only if you are sure you can make it, and worse case, please cancel well in advance and no later than a couple of days before the Meetup.  Canceling the day of the Meetup itself does not leave people on the waitlist enough time to make it.  You will be banned if we notice a pattern of booking and canceling or not showing up.  "No shows" are a problem not just to people left on the waitlist who are prevented from coming, but also to the Badminton Club, who expects us to have 12 people there in return for giving us exclusive use of 2 courts for 2.5 hours. Please show up on time and bring you own equipment.  It is available for rent/purchase if you do not have everything you need.  As for shuttlecocks, you are expected to provide 3-4 new feather shuttles per Meetup.  White soled shoes only please.  Cost is $17 per Meetup but only $5 if you are a member of BBC. No use of 10 pack passes please.

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