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Modern life is a constant juggling act.  What is the best way to truly achieve balance?  The core value of Bodhi Meditation is "Health and Happiness" which our overall health depends on.  By keeping fit physically and mentally, strengthen clarity and concentration.

Bodhi Meditation is accessible to practitioners of all ages.  Our core components include sitting meditation, moving meditation, walking meditation (Energy Bagua) and Energy Healing.  Founded in 1991 by Meditation Master JinBodhi, Bodhi Meditation is a non-profit organization centers in 50+ regions worldwide.  His teaching focuses on compassion and the understanding of the connectedness among all in nature.  In turn, unlock innate wisdom.  Improve interpersonal relationships.  Establish a sense of community for the greater good and wellness of our neighbors.

The Boston center began a decade ago with small group practice at community centers in the Greater New England Area.  The location in Medford was established in 2016.  All programs are free and guided by Bodhi certified instructors.  Currently, we offer sitting meditation sessions and Energy Healing sessions via Google Meet.

Bodhi Meditation website:
Phone: 781-874-1023

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