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The purpose of this group is to be a resource for local alternative healers as well as those seeking healing or knowledge about the diversity of alternative modalities in the Greater Boston region; to build stronger relationships with each other; to expand our awareness of one another and ourselves; to advance our skills and knowledge through collaboration and creative thinking; and to positively impact the Planet one person at a time starting with each one of us. Whether you are a practitioner looking for resources or connections within the community, an individual seeking healing for yourself or a loved one, a student looking for a teacher, a teacher looking for a student, or just plain curious - you are welcome here.

This group was formerly the Boston Energy Healers Group, but in late 2012 it expanded its definition to include a more diverse range of practices with the understanding that all healing work is based upon energy/spirit at its source.

ALL of the members of this group who are practitioners of a healing art are welcome to post events here and are encouraged to do so. If you are a practitioner with regular occurring events in line with the groups focus, you can request to be an Event Organizer. But anyone can post events by using the "suggest meetup" feature and once I review it to ascertain it is in line with the groups focus I will post it.

All members of this group who are practitioners of a healing are encouraged to seek out opportunities to network with other members and build stronger relationships for mutual support.

ALL of the members of this group who are learners are welcome to send out inquiries about where they can find a practitioner for healing or training.

Intolerance will not be permitted here.

Disrespectful and/or abusive language will not be permitted here.

Solicitations from commercial advertisers and "spam" will not be permitted here.

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Chakra Series

Center for Psychic Healing

• What we'll do 2 Monthly Lectures, 1 Healing, and Clinic Lecture: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays Your Healing: by appt. Clinic: 4th Friday Times 7-9p Distance Learning[masked] [masked] for more information http://www.centerforpsychichealing.com/ The Lectures explore each chakra in meditation. The Clinic is a space for you to read and heal. Your healing is a 30 minute reading and healing. Learn within a community of grounded clairvoyants. Pre-req: Inner Alchemy, Read Heal Be or the equivalent BPI training- 1st 6 months of the Clairvoyant Program. All training, clinic and healing by conference call. $200 a month or $725 in advance Chakra Series Center for Psychic Healing • What to bring • Important to know

Intro to IET® & Healing Angels Meditation

Online event


** ONLINE EVENT ** Just $10 ~ Connect with Angels and experience a Healing Meditation! In this introduction to Integrated Energy Therapy®, you will learn how to create a “heartlink” to the nine Healing Angels of the Energy field. You will use this link in a guided meditation to connect with and receive a gift from each of the angels. The heartlink technique that you learn in this workshop can be used any time to connect with any angel. The link serves as a channel between your heart and the heart of an angel, where you receive energy and information. Please join us and meet these powerful, loving angels who are so happy to share their gifts with you! You will also be introduced to the powerful healing modality known as “Integrated Energy Therapy” or “IET” through a brief informational session. IET works by releasing traumatic imprints or "blocks" from the body’s cellular memory areas and filling the areas with empowering energy. Cellular memory areas are the places in our energy fields where we store the memories of our feelings - suppressed traumas, emotions, fears, and limiting beliefs. Releasing these energy blocks allows life force energy to flow freely, resulting in improved health on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. For each harmful energy imprint that is cleared from the energy field, the cellular memory area is filled with the opposite energy. $10 fee will be applied toward Basic Level IET Certification training if you decide to enroll. REGISTRATION: Please register through Circles of Wisdom by calling[masked] or register online using this link. (http://www.circlesofwisdom.com/workshops/sp/introduction-to-integrated-energy-therapy-healing-angel-meditation/) Please visit our website for more information: => All currently scheduled classes: https://bit.ly/2CVAYNK => IET class descriptions: https://bit.ly/2ACCCEq => Testimonials: https://bit.ly/2D14t0M => Instructor Bio: https://bit.ly/2CTy7EY

Surrogate Tapping for Children and Pets

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Learn how you can use EFT for those around you. This tool is especially great for children and pets. You can learn how to improve health and relationships in your loved ones with this simple and effective tool. Register here: https://femaleempowermenteft.as.me/surrogate

Online Tapping & Healer Circle

Online event

The tapping circle is back! With a pandemic-friendly online format and the help of rotating cast of EFT practitioners holding space each in their very special way, we will be gathering again and releasing stress, fears, past trauma, or unwanted patterns together. Join us to support yourselves and each other in healing, individually and collectively. This meeting will take place through Zoom. The link will be sent to attendees after they register.

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Free Group Tapping Calls

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