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Temporarily meeting as “Virtual Boston Azure” due to coronavirus, but you can still keep track and sign up to attend on this site.

Boston Azure and North Boston Azure have suspended all in-person events until further notice. Click Read more for details.

Boston Azure is a community-run group with the goal of learning about cloud computing with the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. We have been meeting since October 2009, making us the oldest such Azure-focused community group in the world. The group was founded by Bill Wilder (@codingoutloud (https://twitter.com/codingoutloud)).

Due to coronavirus, Boston Azure and North Boston Azure are suspending all in-person events until further notice. This include regularly scheduled monthly events and the Global Azure 2020 event scheduled for Sat April 25.

We are considering options around virtual events, but have no specific plans at this point.

One such virtual event under consideration is the Global Azure 2020 event scheduled for Sat April 25, but a lot would need to happen and go right before then to make it possible. At this point, watch this space for updates, but treat it as "possible but not yet likely" for now.

If you have any questions or feedback you can reach out to @bostonazure on twitter - or to any of us directly via twitter (handles below) via Meetup messaging.


Bill - @codingoutloud
Veronika - @veronika_dev1
Jason - @haleyjason

The group is run by volunteers. So far for all the events we've hosted over the years, we've managed to provide them for free to attendees. This is in large part to Microsoft offering free space at NERD where we've held the vast majority of our events, to MIT for help with some of our bootcamp events, but also to the occasional meeting/event sponsor.

We are introducing a Code of Conduct (https://bostonazure.github.io/codeofconduct.html). Your feedback (https://github.com/bostonazure/bostonazure.github.io/issues) is welcome.

We are currently hosting meeting signups on Meetup.com/bostonazure (https://www.meetup.com/bostonazure), but you can also find our top-level site through the simpler URL bostonazure.org (http://bostonazure.org/).

You can also find us on Twitter as @bostonazure (https://twitter.com/bostonazure).

And feel free to join our Slack community at https://bit.ly/baslack .

Boston Azure usually meets in the Boston/Cambridge area. You may also be interested in the North Boston Azure group, run by Jason Haley (@haleyjason (https://twitter.com/haleyjason)), which meets in Burlington, MA.

Bored? Go check out the Azure Cloud Shell (https://shell.azure.com/)!

Upcoming events (2)

"Azure Landing Zone" by Abdul Kazi

Online event

Azure Landing Zone

Do you want to know what is Azure Landing Zone and why it should be used? Join us as Azure Architect Abdul Kazi shows us all tips and tricks about Azure Landing Zone.

🎗 REMINDER: We are currently operating as #VirtualBostonAzure where Boston Azure (https://www.meetup.com/bostonazure) and North Boston Azure (https://www.meetup.com/North-Boston-Azure-Cloud-User-Group/) continue to combine forces to provide great virtual meetups with speakers from all over the world. We welcome both local and international attendees.

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This event will be delivered as a Microsoft Teams meeting with the link provided in the Meetup location listing.

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• 6:00-6:10: Introduction, announcements, banter
• 6:10-7:30: Abdul Kazi leads an interactive session on "Azure Landing Zone"

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Speaker: Abdul Kazi

Abdul is an Azure Architect at FX Innovation focused on Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). He has 18 years of IT experience and has worked at various levels of IT.

He is very active in the Azure community and speaks at various conferences.

@abdulkazi (Twitter)
https://www.linkedin.com/in/abdulwkazi/ (LinkedIn)
https://abdulwkazi.com/ (blog)

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║ ℅ PEOPLE & SOCIAL MEDIA BEHIND #VirtualBostonAzure
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Virtual Boston Azure primarily organizers and group handles:

• Veronika Kolesnikova • @veronika_dev1 • https://twitter.com/veronika_dev1
• Jason Haley • @haleyjason • https://twitter.com/haleyjason
• Bill Wilder • @codingoutloud • https://twitter.com/codingoutloud
• Boston Azure • @bostonazure • https://twitter.com/bostonazure
• Slack • Join our community space • https://bit.ly/baslack

From the Field - Tools and Techniques in the Real World from Arra Derderian

More details to come, but here's the headline:

Based on his "From the Field" experience, hear Arra Derderian share what technologies, tools, and techniques work for him in the real world as he builds services running on Azure.

DATE TO BE DETERMINED @ 6:00 PM Boston time


Arra bio here


Talk title and abstract will be here

Needs a date and time

Needs a location

HEY FOLKS -- I plan to keep this "fake meeting" around to help easily track ideas for future events. Feel free to "attend" and get updates when I change this page.

WE GOT SOME SPACE! Will be posting new meetings for NERD soon.


Topic/speaker backlog (no order implied - just a list):

• Commanding the command line: CLI & PowerShell

• Blockchain (Todd and/or Simon)

• SQL Server => SQL DB (Taiob)

• Hands-on Cognitive Service/ML (Beth, Veronika)

• Security/Compliance: Big Data security on Azure cloud that allows parallel processing and streaming of encrypted data (Serge Vilvovsky)

• Security/Compliance: Compliance in Azure (George for Azure SQL DB)

• Office 365 Security concerns (since they also apply to AAD)

• IoT / DevOps / Lean / Analytics (Bob Familiar)

WebJobs/ASE (Jason)

• (Udai)

• AWS vs Azure (jorge.cotillo via slack)

• Business Side of Cloud (Mark)

• ASE (v2?) (Jason?)

• WAF (Bill?)

• "Tools" meeting like this (https://www.meetup.com/NE-MSFT-Devs/events/91353232/)

• Azure Data Catalog (Beth Wolfset) perhaps like this (http://www.sqlsaturday.com/694/Sessions/Details.aspx?sid=68754) or this (http://www.sqlsaturday.com/694/Sessions/Details.aspx?sid=68753)

• Serverless: Media/Logic Apps (Juan Pablo)

• Serverless: Functions, Logic Apps (Jim O'Neil)

• ARM (Jim O'Neil)

• Container Instances

Oct 10 => 11

Oct 26 => 24

Nov 16 => 14

Dec 13 => 12

Dec 07 => 05

(Dec 11-Feb 18)

Feb 27 => 22

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How vulnerable is your Azure environment? by David Okeyode

Online event

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