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We have created a nonprofit organization Boston AI Institute (http://bostonaiinstitute.org) to open up AI to the world. Besides running this meetup, we offer free online training materials and a low cost certification program.

This is your chance to prototype your ideas before going to VCs or for seed funding.

We all have dream applications that need machine learning (Convolutional Neural Network) based AI and predictive analytics. We can hack those app. using available machine learning APIs (from Microsoft, Google/TensorFlow, and so on). No need to learn those complicated math or gymnastics of matrices.

This is also your way to find a co-founder, good developers, and some good feedback. By the way, investors are also welcome; coding is good for our brain, and it keeps Alzheimer away!

We are the Big-data web, data driven web, and Web^n!

About the Meet-ups :: We meet on Mondays or some Saturdays. We usually meet up in the evening on Mondays, start with a little merry-making and chatting, then coding, and hang out some more. Venues vary, so stay tuned.

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Use Tensorflow to create AI demos
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I am wondering if anyone wants to speak about how to develop/train/use different kinds of neural networks with layers (CONV, RELU, POOL, FC/SOFT-MAX etc.) or other interesting hands on topic using Tensorflow or other tools. Please contact me [masked]) or refer me other speakers.

Prototyping Deep Learning algorithms with MXNet via Perl

Subject: prototyping Deep Learning algorithms with MXNet via Perl Body: Boston Perl Mongers has a meeting this week (Tuesday, November 14 at MIT) that may be of interest to you. The talk will cover lessons learned from a recent experience in getting a deep learning projected started, with little prior experience in AI. All code will use the Perl MXNet API and guide the audience through developing a simple model, which is then built on to perform more complex tasks. For more info and to RSVP: https://www.meetup.com/Boston-pm/events/244088275/

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