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In-depth R Programming Using Coursera (with 1-on-1 expert help)

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There will be no face to face meetup unless we reach 50 RSVPs by Thursday of the week. You must be enrolled in one of the 10 FREE courses below or similar courses.

Our past experience is that 20% of the RSVP shows up in the weekend meetings. Considering that, unless we have about 50 RSVPs, we cannot have a face to face meeting. Please use the questions / answers / discussions below for now. While asking questions, please make reference to the name of the course and the related module within the course.

Cousera offers the following classes towards obtaining highly valuable knowledge/skills in Data Science Specialization. It is sometimes hard to work on the exercises and homework without the help of an expert. Receiving one-on-one help from an expert can improve the commitment of finishing the program with accelerated learning. With that in mind, we are experimenting with the following service.

An expert (MS or PhD in Statistics) will answer any question free that takes less than 10 minutes to solve. There are nominal fees for one-on-one interactive help. Please use the following link to request for help, or just email [masked] or call[masked].

You can get help for the following Data Science Specialization Classes: (from )

The Data Scientist’s Toolbox

R Programming

Getting and Cleaning Data

Exploratory Data Analysis

Reproducible Research

Statistical Inference

Regression Models

Practical Machine Learning

Developing Data Products

Data Science Capstone