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Sunday Afternoon @ Danehy Park
Here's the game plan: 1:00 - Toss the disc around, meet folks, be merry 1:10 - Overview of the rules, safety, etc - then divide into teams 1:20 - Play!!!!!! 3:00 - Conclude the meetup with snacks and socializing Here's what we humbly ask of you (works great as a checklist): Dress for the weather Bring a white t-shirt and a colored t-shirt. Grey is evil. If you wear grey you may be asked to wear a dark or white "pinnie of shame." Arrive on time to be guaranteed a spot in a game RSVP is recommended so you can be notified if the game is canceled Bring WATER! If you are a regular, please consider bringing a buck for the Frisbee Fund As usual, we will supply the frisbees, cones, pinnies, sunscreen, first aid supplies (hopefully will never be used) and our pretty smiles. As we periodically mention, all these supplies are paid out-of-pocket by your loving Frisbee organizers and everyone has been so generous with their donations to-date. Thank you and let's keep the dream alive!

Danehy Park

99 Sherman Street · Cambridge, MA

What we're about

Boston Frisbee is a recreational ultimate frisbee pick-up group. Our mission is to introduce ultimate to new people and build long-lasting friendships. We do this by providing people with a fun, safe, and all-inclusive ultimate frisbee experience.

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Official rules:

Note: we play with a modified set of rules, which the organizers review at the start of every Boston Frisbee game. So, you don't have to read this unless you are interested in playing competitively or you're just curious. Other pickup groups might play by the official rules.

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