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7/27/2020: Boston Frisbee is open again, but in a limited capacity. Here are a few key points:

• Ultimate is considered a "high-risk" sport and is not included in outdoor sports that are currently allowed under Phase 3. We do not plan on having any pickup ultimate in the near future. If local regulations change we will revisit the issue, but we are not inclined to start playing even if it is legal, because ultimate generally involves closeness and contact that makes social distancing near-impossible, and safety is our top priority.

• We do plan to hold events in the near future where people can throw together and play frisbee games that are not ultimate. These may include Throwing Sessions or Clinics, Kan Jam, Double Disc Court, and Space Disc. We appreciate input from players on other games and activities that are low-risk they would like to play.

• Attendance at these events will be capped at 15. RSVP on Meetup will be mandatory, so organizers know how many people are attending. If you show up without RSVPing beforehand you will be asked to leave.

• All attendees must remain at least six feet from each other at all times during the event, unless they are in the same household. If there are purposeful or repeated violations of this rule, players will be asked to leave.

• Masks will be mandatory at these events. If anyone comes without a mask, they will be asked to leave. Players must bring their own masks. Discs will be sanitized before and after the event. Players will be encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer. Gloves will not be required.

• Rather than holding events every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, the events will be created for specific days in specific places based on organizer availability and location. We are not mandating any organizers to organize or attend any events, so we anticipate that there will be fewer events than in a usual season, perhaps one or two a month.

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Boston Frisbee is a recreational ultimate frisbee pick-up group. Our mission is to introduce ultimate to new people and build long-lasting friendships. We do this by providing people with a fun, safe, and all-inclusive ultimate frisbee experience.

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Note: we play with a modified set of rules, which the organizers review at the start of every Boston Frisbee game. So, you don't have to read this unless you are interested in playing competitively or you're just curious. Other pickup groups might play by the official rules.

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