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Boston Indies and Women in Games Boston will be co-hosting virtual lightning talks!

A night of 5 - 10 minute presentations from a fantastic set of local developers, talking about writing shaders, Lara Croft, and everything in between! Come on out and join us in our wonderful CrowdCast chat room, kick back, and enjoy oration from local legends and surprising up-and-comers. Y'know, I think Lightning talks are are a great, eh, You Don't Know What You Don't Know type thing. Maybe you'll learn a surprising new technique you never knew you needed, or find a uniquely useful lil' dev tool. Perhaps you'll catch a brief anecdote that unveils a hidden facet of games that makes you wonder how much mystery yet remains in this world.

There's only one way to find out.

Speaker list:
Giuliana Funkhouser @oagatopargo
Oleg Brodskiy @Combrod_
Chris Chung @Chrixeleon
Jon Radoff
Christian DeCoster @DeCoster_Chris
Johnny Liu @orangepeelpanda
Elliott Mitchell @mrt3d
Gabe Pofcher
Jeff Campbell @StampyTurtle
John D'Amico @JDAmics99
Seth Alter @subalterngames

ok that's it just leaving this text here for archaeological reasons
If you have a short (5 - 10 minute) presentation you'd like to give, please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you with more details about presenting when we have a list of talks. If you haven't given a talk before, lightning talks are a great way to get some practice presenting!

FORM: --------------------no more talk submitting------------------------

Some topics that we'd love to hear about:
- Cool development tools
- Novel Unity/Unreal/GameMaker/Whatever techniques you're feeling right now
- Fun development anecdotes
- Handy work from home team building/management/production techniques
- What are you working on right now? Is it cool?

Once we've collected enough responses for an evening of programming, we'll be in touch with details about logistics.


If you have any questions, drop Chris Maire a line at [masked], or on the Slack (

Here's a few more concrete examples that would be fun:
- A breakdown of how you've been slowly improving that one puzzle in your game
- How to make a tiny game in Bitsy in 10 minutes
- A book report on a game development related book like A Theory of Fun for Game Design (or The Design of Everyday Things, or the Brutal Legend art book)
- How to make music in Bosca Ceoil with no knowledge of music theory or DAWs or what a DAW even is
- Perforce is the best source control, and here's five reasons why
- git is the best source control, and here's SIX reasons why
- How your game sold 10,000,000 units, all thanks to using Dropbox as source control
- A brief introduction to shader programming

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