What we're about

Boston GameDev convenes many of the game-creator meetups in the greater Boston area. This includes:

- Boston Indies

- Boston Post Mortem

- Women in Games

- Game Audio Boston

- Making Games Making Friends

- Game Makers Guild

- MassDiGI

- BostonFIG Volunteers

- Boston Unity Group

- (more groups joining and welcome to join!)

Our goal is to create a unified source for meetup information and logistics so that the game-maker community can reliably understand the goings-on in our area.

You can join the community Slack chat at:



Our Communities

Boston Indies

Boston Indies is a community of dedicated independent game developers in Massachusetts and the surrounding area. We define ourselves in connection with our community spirit and our group objectives. We gather in person once a month to talk about the art and craft of making games, and to share our work with each other.

Our goals are to:

• Foster a sense of community among Boston’s independent game creators

• Facilitate the monthly meetup and other related community events

• Encourage makers to create games independent of large budgets and large company ties.

• Provide a safe environment to obtain critical feedback on game development works in progress.

• Serve as a brain trust for important information sharing among local independent developers

We are completely agnostic with respect to technology, development platform, game type, and scope of game development. As long as you show up with an open mind and a helpful attitude and you are committed to making your own games, on your own terms, you are welcome to join us.

Upcoming events (1)

Virtual Demo Night, Winter 2022

Online event

The holiday season is wrapping up, and I'm excited to see what people around Boston have been working on! We'll be putting another Virtual Demo Night together. Show off your game / project / demo to the community, or join in and check out what other devs have been up to. Help each other out with constructive feedback and see what cool games might be coming this next year.

During the night, presenters will each have ten minutes to demo their latest game or latest changes while taking feedback and answering questions from the crowd. After everyone presents, we'll have a social chat room set up to hang out, catch up, and even play each other's creations.

If you are interested in presenting, please fill out the signup sheet at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd-5GpE9vfUIYIQvARxsBCAuAW4-6sgTr6lgEZzVSybYHRt5A/viewform?usp=sf_link. I'll be in touch over the next couple of weeks to get everything organized. The Discord server link should be visible after you RSVP for the event.

Past events (136)

[BPM] Let's Make: Revenge of the Boston Developer Stream

Online event

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