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April Meeting - RailsConf Preview!

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Sean H.


Hi, everyone!

We've got a special treat this month. In addition to Kevin Deisz from March's meeting, three more of our members are giving talks at RailsConf at the end of April and they're going to be giving us a special preview!

Braulio Carreno
From 0.10 to 5.2. The story of a 13 year old Rails app
Small-dollar donations are critical in today’s politics. The first version of ActBlue, the main player in the space, was written in Rails 0.10.
Some lessons we’ll be sharing on this presentation: scaling to process 1.5M RPM and 250 payments/sec, how to be productive with a 110K line code base.

Kevin Murphy
I know I can, but should I? Evaluating Alternatives
You can use a hammer to drive a screw into wood, but I’d recommend a screwdriver. Why? And when is a hammer the better option? This talk will propose a framework to use when comparing alternative technical choices. I won’t decide for you, but will leave you with a structure to apply.

John Schoeman
Sprinkles of Functional Programming
Some tasks in production software can and should be handled with a more functional style. Let’s learn what types of tasks lend themselves to a functional style and how to write clear and maintainable ruby to accomplish such tasks.


* 6:00pm - Eat, mingle
* 6:20pm - Talks begin

Thanks to ezCater ( for sponsoring food and space for this Meetup!

Sean, Melissa, Colin, Kevin, Peter, Robert, and John
101 Arch St, 4th Floor · Boston, MA
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